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Senior Frontend Engineer

**The short & sweet summary. **

Twine helps companies make smarter people decisions: how to hire faster and more efficiently, how to reward great performers, how to predict turnover, how to help employees grow, etc.

We’re backed by founders of billion dollar companies (MuleSoft, MobileIron), thought leaders in people analytics (Adam Grant), and Sand Hill Road VCs - many of whom have remarked we’re the strongest team in their portfolio. __Our SaaS analytics product (React/Django) is used by dozens of leading companies, including Segment, CreditKarma, DollarShaveClub, OnDeck and many more!

We’re hiring an ambitious front-end engineer who wants massive impact and growth opportunities in a small, fast-growing team. We’ll give you as much opportunity as you can handle. This will be a transformational, career-defining choice for you (and for us!) as Twine continues to grow.

What you’ll be doing.

  • **Drive ambitious technical projects that immediately impact our users. **Some upcoming work: building interactive employee data visualizations, designing new information architecture & routing, and building predictive notifications/alerts.

  • **Work with talented, ambitious people in a small, highly-collaborative team. **You’ll join a world-class team, including engineers with 10+ years of startup experience and advisors who are founders/CTOs of billion-dollar companies.

  • **Learn and grow incredibly quickly as our company scales. **As an early team member, you’ll have massive ownership and a steep learning curve. You’ll pick up new responsibilities as you grow, and as we scale our sales, customer success, and product teams (we’ll double in the next few months).

What you’ve done.

  • **You’ve built complex, data-rich front-ends. **You’ve built and maintained complex front-end systems, most likely for 3+ years. You’ve also led at least one significant project or technical initiative.

  • **You’ve worked on a high-velocity product team. **You understand how to build systems that enable fast product iteration. You’re comfortable weighing trade-offs between functionality, quality, and technical debt. (You may have been an early engineer/technical cofounder at an early-stage company.)

  • **You can recognize and advocate for technical excellence. **You strive to be a world-class engineer. You understand the discipline and craft of software development, you invest in learning and tooling, and you insist on technical excellence from yourself and your teammates.

  • **You’re familiar with modern front-end technologies. **Eg: React, Redux, Angular, Vue, Node.js, or Mobx

More about Twine.

Our founders: Our CEO, Joseph, spent years immersed in people analytics research and the "quantified self" movement at Wharton & Berkeley, and helped found an innovation team at Nike that grew 10X in a year. He’s a Forbes 30 Under 30 recipient. Our CTO, Nikhil, studied physics & CS at Harvard and has spent a decade building products in data analytics and machine learning.

Our investors: We’ve raised millions from Silicon Valley VCs and angel investors who have founded billion-dollar companies. Some of these people include MuleSoft founder/CTO Ross Mason, author/professor Adam Grant, and Google/Facebook product visionary Gokul Rajaram.

Our values:

  • Be intellectually curious and humble. Have an insatiable desire to learn, not to be right - be a “learn-it-all,” not a know-it-all. Have strong convictions, but listen to and learn from others.

  • Believe in exceptional outcomes. Believe that ordinary people can do incredible things with the right attitude and will. Be positive, inspiring, and optimistic. (At the same time, acknowledge the demanding work ethic and drive required for success.)

  • Get it done. Focus on rapid learning and execution, and be willing to roll up your sleeves and contribute any way possible. Be indomitably resourceful, drive through obstacles, and deliver on goals.

  • Help others be great. Treat your teammates, customers, and partners with respect and kindness. Seek to have a positive impact on others in all interactions.

If you’re interested in learning more, send us a thoughtful note! founders@twinelabs.com