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Headway is a changelog as a service solution that stole hearts of many companies by making it super simple to share updates with their users. Headway is also one of those great stories about a fully bootstrapped company that came into being when solving our own problem.

With a set of great companies onboard (Superhuman, CodeShip, Statuspage, Travis CI, to mention a few) we have an ambition to create a great, long lasting company. All of this while not going crazy at work.

You will work closely with the technical founder (previous CTO of jsfiddle.net) to take more ownership over the application over time. If this is what you are looking for, look no further 🙂

We have an appetite for some quality engineering, use the latest version of Ruby on Rails. We experiment with cool, mature technologies like React, GraphQL or Docker, and we like to build our own tools too! Everything to make our work even more enjoyable 😊
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Frontend Engineer

The Opportunity
Modern Tribe is looking for an experienced Frontend Engineer to join our team.

You will be responsible for crafting robust, beautiful, usable interfaces for the users of our products and our client’s projects. You will play an integral role in connecting and collaborating with strategy, design, and backend to creative a cohesive and organized final experience and enthusiastically own getting to the most optimal solution. You thrive working in a collaborative and engaging environment and love being part of teams and systems that actively seek your experience in helping us grow and improve.

You will use your deep knowledge within HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to solve both simple and complex challenges, both in and outside of the WordPress platform. When paired with your understanding of best practices in accessibility, performance, and architecture, you ultimately produce code and experiences that are scalable and delightful.

If this sounds like an exciting opportunity to you, read on!
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React Front End Dev

Are you a kick-ass FED tired of rushing through client work, instead yearning to dive deeper into a smaller number of projects? Do animations, interactions, and user experiences delight you? Are you disciplined enough to work in sprints, but also mature enough to work independently?

Undefined LLC is hiring a full-time FED to work on customer-facing and internal websites and web applications. Say goodbye to the agency or freelance rat race - you’ll be working exclusively on a small number of company-led projects and initiatives.

Our Projects

So what types of projects will you be working on?

  • A custom e-commerce site built in React and Next, powered on the back-end by Firebase and WordPress

  • A custom admin dashboard for a native app with more than 250,000 user accounts and 5,000 daily users, built in React and Next, and powered by Firebase

  • A shopify e-commerce site with a custom theme built on Shopify’s themekit and React

  • An app microsite built in React and Next, powered by Firebase

  • Various landing pages and microsites generally built in React and Next, powered by Firebase and/or WordPress as a CMS

  • Internal reporting and communication tools that may need some FED love

The Daily Grind

What’s a typical day for a FED? We work in sprints; so, you’ll be in daily communication with your dev team members and leadership. But we also work like animals; so, you’ll be free to focus on getting your work done. Your week will begin with a Sprint Planning Meeting, you’ll have daily stand-ups during the week, and it will end on Friday with a Sprint Review.

Though most of your time during the week will be working on tasks and bugs, you’ll have the opportunity to step up regularly (if that’s your thing) and be involved in higher-level design and direction decisions. We say “if that’s your thing” because some people love that, others don’t. And we want you focused mostly on what you love.

But What Am I Really Doing?

Sometimes, you’ll have an entire Sketch design and you’ll be building out the FED. Other times, you’ll have the basic design requirements (fonts, colors, etc) and some functionality requirements (credit card form, shipping address), and you’ll design and build the page or component in browser.

You’ll also handle FED for A/B tests like changing button colors or page layouts. Or we’ll need some animation on a page, like firing off confetti when a form is submitted. That’s your area too.

Hey - we just added some new functionality to how subscriptions are set up or we’re building out the functionality to export customer lists from our admin portal. You’ll FED those components, and also bug fix them should something break or not work as expected.

Our Tech Stack

You must know React. We use React heavily in our front end development. You must also be great - not good, great - with CSS, SCSS, or some similar styling. We currently use SCSS modules in React, so you should be comfortable with SCSS even if you want to convince us that something better exists.

You must also have a great - not good, great - eye for CSS animations, timings, transitions…everything animated in the browser. If we (or you) get a crazy idea to animate a user interaction or drop in a little delighter, you’ll be the one to pull it off.

Experience with Firebase, WordPress, and/or Shopify is a plus. And if you use After Effects or Lottie to blow peoples’ minds, we want to know (and see it).

What You Need To Qualify

This is a full-time position or contract-to-hire position depending on your situation and needs. To qualify:

  • Must be a US citizen or resident alien

  • Proven work experience as a FED with React

  • Proficiency working in git and terminal

  • A portfolio and/or repo of actual work experience

How To Apply

Send us your details - we need to see your work and resume or similar doc. We’ll reach out to qualified candidates via email to ask some questions or for a phone conversation.
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