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Code Challenge Reviewer 100% £50 per hour Java JavaScript PHP Python C# Ruby CSS HTML SQL Scala iOS Android

Fancy earning extra cash reviewing code challenge submissions from any location?

We pay you £25 for each code challenge you review (30 minutes review time). You can do as many or as few as you want per week.

We are looking for highly talented Java, JavaScript, PHP, Python, C#, Ruby, Scala, iOS and Android developers

Please read some comments made by our reviewers on Quora here

We pay you via Transferwise, Revolut or Payoneer at the end of the month (unless you are in the UK, in which case we bank via bank transfer).

To become part of the team you just need to register with us at Geektastic and take some code challenges. These are reviewed by our expert team (we need to know how great you are :))

Once you are part of the distributed team you will then be notified on our Slack channel when a new challenge is ready to be reviewed.

Feel free to email hello@geektastic.com if you have any questions
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Jobs farther away

Lead Programmer, Web Technologies

Looking for a place that can utilize everything you have to offer? Look no further.

At Liquidaty, we have an unlimited number and variety of challenges for you. You will work alongside the company founder, with the opportunity to take on as much engineering challenge and responsibility as you can and want to handle.

Upon joining the team, you will have access to myriad ongoing projects, after which you will choose a subset to pursue. Based on that, you will then, with the team, establish a development schedule, which in turn will shape your day-to-day schedule.

Each project generally has high visibility and an estimated value to one or more enterprise customer. Some can be completed in a few hours, some in a few days, some in a few weeks; others may take months of careful planning and execution. Depending on which projects you undertake, you may be working with Typescript, WebAssembly, Python, C or other programming languages. Certain projects, should you undertake them, may require research and evaluation of various technical approaches (whether we already use them or not), and, considering various competing interests, a recommendation as to what approach to take in order to best deliver a solution.

Your work product will generally be immediately incorporated into our products and deployed to customers.

High performers will be compensated commensurately, and have development opportunities to lead/manage a team of engineers (contract and/or full-time) and/or to take on other roles and responsibilities in product management. In addition, high performers will have the opportunity to develop skills that are highly coveted by Wall Street institutions such as our customers.