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Fullstack JavaScript Engineer For An Marketplace SaaS Platform As Potential CIO



You will develop in a motivated team at a cross-platform web application for the Amazon Marketplace with modern web technologies and standards. You will work in a self-organized manner using agile methods in close coordination with the co-founders and report directly to the CTO. We offer the whole spectrum of a fullstack developer from frontend to backend and you will implement modern UI/UX concepts with a contemporary toolchain.

Your tasks include:

  • Programming and development of large web applications

  • Frontend development with HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript (ECMAScript)

  • Backend development with Koa.js, Express.js or a conceptually similar Backend framework

  • Mobile web app development with modern response and adaptive design methodologies

  • Development and administration of complex and scalable server systems for web development

  • Collaboration in the conception of new offers of the platform and their design

Your profile

  • At least 2 years of professional experience (or project experience) in implementing and maintaining complex web designs and developing large web applications

  • Understanding of modern software architectures such as Domain-Driven and Event-Driven Design, React, Redux and Flux

  • Very good knowledge of HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript (ECMAScript 2018+) and common modern frameworks

  • Good knowledge of node.js and the koa.js framework or other async/await or composite pattern oriented technologies

  • Knowledge of development management with git, GitHub/GitLab, test-driven development and basic understanding of clean code

  • Experience with agile working methods according to Kanban or Scrum, as well as in active project management

  • Experience in working in interdisciplinary teams with other developers and designers

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Software Engineer (React/Redux)


Skills: JavaScript, React

We're building a complex UI that shows a lot of information regarding your company's internal payments (invoices, bills, etc.). and therefore are searching for an engineer that is up for a challenge of constantly updating an interface.

🚝Engineering at Routable
With being one of our first frontend engineers comes the opportunity to be a major contributor to the voice and direction of the company. You would work directly with the product, design, and engineering teams to help shape our product and culture. It’s a unique chance to be an advocate for our incredible coding standards, efficiency and reliability.

💪 You are :

  • a highly knowledgeable and experienced frontend engineer

  • You are excited about building customer-facing features to help bring clarity to the confusing world of B2B payments

  • You are interested in setting a direction for the team and help guide engineering vision

  • You are comfortable implementing integrations with third-party APIs

  • Someone who thinks about testing while building a product

💻 Need to have:

  • 5+ years of writing frontend code at a company, preferably with some start-up experience

  • Excellent UX and design sensibilities and zeal for sweating the details

  • You have built and maintained complex web apps with React and Redux

  • Experience testing your code

  • You have experience with backend frameworks, such as Django, Rails, or Express

  • You are thrilled about working in a fast-paced start-up environment

➕ Nice to have:

  • Understanding of payment platforms (ACH, Check, Credit card, etc.)

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NodeJS Backend Engineer


Skills: Node.js

  • Program: ship code every day

  • Contribute: we want our engineers to make an impact on our Rave product. This means you're not just implementing features that have been specified to death. It includes developing ideas, making suggestions, and keeping on top of new tech to understand opportunities.

  • Engage: we have enough areas of need where we want to leverage what you're excited about and use that to make Rave a better product.

  • Learn and grow: we want to start in-depth do code-reviews, pair-programming, lunch-and-learns, and actively engage in chat to constantly teach and learn.

You will report to the Product Manager but will be working collaboratively with our current engineering team of 10, and with cross-functional teams on specific projects.

Our work is 100% both remote & on-prem. We use Slack, Trello, Google Docs and Zoom to get our work done.

Our stack

AWS - we’ve drunk the kool-aid and use AWS & Azure across the board.
Node.js - APIs
MongoDB, Redis, MariaDB - data persistence
Vue.js, Backbone - our front-end is largely raw JavaScript/jQuery/Backbone, currently migrating to Vue.js.
Github, Jenkins, Webpack - deployment
Ghost Inspector, Sentry, LogRocket - testing

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