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Senior Backend Developer


At Estech Systems Inc (ESI), we are working on a new communication platforms to cover the market of small to mid-sized enterprise business needs. This first generation of the platform, which will support web and mobile applications, is focused on new verticals and technologies to help move the company forward in new directions.

We are looking for a senior JavaScript/Node engineer who is opinionated and driven to make stable and scalable solutions. We are in our early stages of our microservices platform, so we are looking for someone with a wide range of skills and experience in developing and deploying Node services.

To keep things moving quickly and accurately we are using an Agile Scrum workflow, two week sprints, with constant feedback loops from the developers. We value self-improvement and are always looking for ways to better the process and our approach.

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Senior Node.JS Engineer

DescriptionDo you live for beautiful APIs? Do you take pride in knowing your API and server work is clean, fast and scalable? Are you the one person to turn to when data needs to be perfectly structured, normalized and redundant? Would you love to have a team of designers turn yo…


Senior Front-End Developer

You’re the kind of person for whom architecture and design makes you tick. It’s in your blood; you love great design, and you strive to architect it every single day. You know what makes functional design great, and also know when pragmatism is called for. You know all the rules, and yet you’re willing to break them from time to time.

As a Senior Front-End Developer with Rebilly, you’ll be responsible for guiding the architecture and design of our front-end applications. You’ll lead a team of developers to produce the highest quality software possible, and you’ll be responsible for mentoring them along the way.

Our problems are hard, requiring dedication, expertise and the ability to look at solutions from many different angles. It will be your job to make the hard choices and deliver on time, bug-free code that delights our clients and maximizes their value.

You’ll need to have passion, vision, and courage in order to take Rebilly to the next level and to make us the leading subscription billing service by 2025.

Here’s what a typical day will look like at Rebilly:

  • Split your time between coding and leading, including weekly 1-on-1 meetings with other team members
  • Review developer code, providing suggestions on how, where and when to make improvements.
  • Ensure adherence to programming and documentation policies, code standards, testing, and release.
  • Mentor others with an emphasis on our core values, and above all maximizing customer success.
  • Help identify new initiatives, design new products and services, and improving our processes.
  • Work closely with developers on your team, and with the leads of other teams.
  • Assist with the mentorship and leadership of developers.

A Picture of Success
OBJECTIVE #1 Customer billing portal

  • Potential Obstacles: Creating a customer billing portal that is secure, customizable and performant is not an easy task.
  • Actions: Determine the requirements of the billing portal and breakdown the task for you and other team members to implement. Research best practices in portals security and apply them to the project.
  • Results: # of active customer billing portals.

OBJECTIVE #2 Third-party integrations

  • Potential Obstacles: Translating an API into a third-party integration.
  • Actions: Using our existing integrations as a reference implement new connections to third-party applications in the UI.
  • Results: # merchants using integrations or similar.

OBJECTIVE #3 Improving App UX

  • Potential Obstacles: Managing high levels of complexity in proposed interfaces while taking user experience into account.
  • Actions: Use your critical mind to interpret mockups and architect interfaces with existing features and reusable components.
  • Results: % Users who activate their trial account.

Please send your resume through Apply By API: https://app.applybyapi.com/posting/9/


  • Apply By API* - https://app.applybyapi.com/posting/9/
  • Small code challenge (unless you have extensive open source contributions)
  • Interview with the Product Team
  • Interview with the Product Team Lead
  • Offer and Hiring
    The total process should take less than 2 weeks.

*We are only accepting applications through ApplyByAPI at this time.


Check us out at https://www.rebilly.com/careers/

Rebilly offers a competitive salary, training and development, birthday lunches, and provides the computer of your choosing. You are welcome to work out of our Montreal office, remotely out of Austin (occasionally meeting with our team here for lunch or happy hour, otherwise set up as a 100% remote/work from home environment), or anywhere on the globe that you choose as a fully remote employee. Further perks and benefits are dependent on your work location of choice.

Rebilly is a Teal Organization, meaning our organizational structure may differ than what you’re used to, but we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. In a very tiny nutshell, this means that as an organization we value self-management, self-organization, as well as the wholeness of the individuals that make up our team (meaning you should be yourself at work, and do the work that inspires you.)


Rebilly is subscription billing software that helps businesses who need to handle recurring invoices and payments. Rebilly’s comprehensive feature set is built to help our merchants get more of their customers from the order form to the thank you page, and more renewals paid. We took lessons learned from years of experience in the subscription business and millions of subscribers and applied them to make our payment system clever, flexible, and easy to use for our clients.
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