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User Interface Designer

We are seeking a web-savvy, knowledge-seeking designer who has experience crafting beautiful and usable user interfaces.

Design Thinker, Maker, Learner.

You can design beautiful things. But as a web-savvy designer, you also appreciate the inherent distinctions between print and Web. You realize that every aspect of an interface has a job to do and that how easy things are to use is as important as how things look.

You can maintain a birds-eye view of the work at hand. You zoom in to focus on the intricate details of a design, but also zoom out to see the big picture. Your design decisions reflect the deliberate intention to support users and business objectives.

You have a voice and you utilize it. You are not the type to remain quiet in the face of poorly kerned type. You stand up for universal design and web accessibility. When confronted with an abominable color combination,you articulate your concerns rationally. When it comes to critique, you can give as well as you can take.

**Design and Code, Hand in Hand. **

At Diagram we believe that code and UI go hand in hand. To succeed in this role, you’ll need to have strong UI skills, but also be ready and eager to level-up your front-end game. In this position you will be expected to:

  • Collaborate within a multi-disciplinary team to ideate, sketch, and prototype strategic web solutions for clients.

  • Create mockups and responsive prototypes for new website UI.

  • Use code to fix or improve existing UI.

  • Produce style tiles, style guides, and develop UI pattern libraries.

  • Collaborate with your team to build out living design systems.

If you are not an expert at front-end development, don’t sweat! We are looking for somebody with a strong design portfolio that’s open to embracing code. As part of your career path, you’ll continue to focus on UI design, while building your UX and front-end skills. It’s part of our mission to build resilient, well-rounded web designers who are immersed in all things Web.

The work.

Your focus will be designing web interfaces that align appropriately with client brands. As the UI designer on projects, most of your time will be spent collaborating with others on the team to conceptualize design solutions and produce prototypes for new and existing projects.