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Uprise is a full-spectrum Mental Health tech start-up that builds both preventative & treatment solutions. Our system allows early detection of people who are at risk and then acts immediately to provide proven skills via smart-phone to kick-start recovery. We also link them with a phone coach who contacts them weekly until they are back on track. We are backed by 10 years of research and have over 13 published research studies showing that we can help a majority of our users return to good mental health using a low-cost web-based early intervention process that requires only 25 minutes per week for the user.

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We are upgrading our very simple CMS offering for community organisations.

It is built on Ruby on Rails v4 along with Bootstrap, HAML, Javascript and Coffeescript. It is a monolith and we want an updated version that is maintainable, small/fast and scalable ;)

We think more like @dhh and don't want to React/Angular'ise the platform.

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