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Engineering Manager

Metabase is the easiest way for people to get insights from their data, from tiny startups who get up and running quickly to major corporations with tens of thousands of users. That's why people love us.

We bring data tools with the elegance and simplicity of consumer products to the crufty world of enterprise business intelligence. We provide an opinionated open source starting point for how companies should measure, analyze and share their data, which is used by tens of thousands of companies.

We built Metabase because existing tools for business intelligence didn’t feel like things we wanted to use. We wanted faster, simpler ways to ask questions about data, and wanted to strip away the colder feel of most Enterprise software. Folks seemed to agree, and now Metabase is used daily by tens of thousands of companies to give people in all sorts of roles access to insights they wouldn’t have otherwise had. None of this could happen without our user interface and that’s where you come in. We’re looking for someone with strong product sensibilities, and a knack for building high performance product engineering teams to advance the state of the art in our product and our industry.

You Will

  • Find, attract, hire, onboard, and nurture top-level engineering IC talent and build a culture of continuous improvement.
  • Remove obstacles, coach individuals, tune processes, and optimize the environment to continuously increase the speed of iteration.
  • Work closely with Product and Tech Leads to appropriately plan and scope engineering projects that form the product roadmap for the core product, balancing feature development, tech debt and acceleration projects, and bug fixes.
  • Manage planned work while balancing weekly interrupts of escalations or reaction to changes in the environment (such as security issues, customer escalations, etc).

Skills and Experience

  • Strong written and verbal communication.
  • 2+ years of engineering management experience, or equivalent (you can demonstrate skill at key aspects of building and improving an engineering team, and supporting and developing people's careers).
  • A track record as an engineer of shipping non-trivial frontend changes to products touching on a React + Redux stack or equivalent, over a backend API.
  • Strong project management skills.
  • You've built software or managed teams in a product engineering capacity in cross-functional environments with product, design, backend engineering, and customer success and can effectively balance execution of defined projects with prototyping, iteration, and learning in other projects.

We're a global team (50% outside of the US), fully distributed (from Thailand to Hawaii), who gets things done asynchronously, with plenty of uninterrupted time, supporting each other to do the best work of our careers.
We're relentlessly user-focused and believe in building long-term value, not short-term hacks.
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