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Full stack Product Engineer

Theta is hiring great people to help make the next generation of software that empowers creative thinking. Join us and help empower digital workers everywhere to solve their most challenging problems.

👋 About Theta

Software has improved dramatically in recent years and the problems our companies are solving today are more complex than ever. Yet we're still using docs, a tool specifically built for long-form writing, as our core tool for creative thinking and collaboration with our team.

We think we can do better.

At Theta, we're building the missing visual thinking tool to empower you to effortlessly map out your ideas in an infinite 2d space, reference information from your other systems (code, designs, analytics), and make sense of complexity that is modern work. We believe visual thinking is the fastest, most effective way to think creatively and communicate with clarity across teams.

We have fantastic investors who have backed companies like Heroku, PagerDuty, and Circle CI.

💪 Our Team

We're builders and we care a ton about product quality, from the engineering to the small details of user experience. We're huge believers in remote + distributed teams and have worked remotely for large parts of our careers. When we became frustrated with the existing tools for creative thinking and collaboration, we decided to build Theta.

Our CEO Eric is a full-stack engineer with a big focus on user experience and has lead product engineering teams at successful developer tools companies like Keen IO (exited) and Lightstep (recently acquired by ServiceNow). Our first engineering hire, Luiza, has lead engineering teams at ThoughtWorks, Dell, & Gap, is core contributor to Etherpad (the popular real-time collaborative text editor), and has significant experience building multi-player products.

We're fully distributed and will always be a remote-first company. We're looking for people that appreciate what remote work is like and are excited to contribute to making us one of the world's best remote teams.

⭐ Our Values

Aim to delight: We think software can be a lot more delightful to use. There's a certain feel to the work produced by people who care deeply about quality, and we want to be those people.
Speed wins: We think that all else being equal, the fastest company wins. We aim to deliver fast and impress our users with a constant stream of improvement.
Kindness first: We think there's no reason to be anything other than kind. We think you can have a very high bar and be very direct while also being very kind.
Build together: We think the best work is produced by groups of people with high trust who collaborate deeply to come up with creative solutions. This means exchanging help and ideas on our work very frequently.

🚀 Impact you'll have

We're looking for people who are excited to:

  • Participate in crafting the direction of our product
  • Build a product where interactions are instant
  • Help build our company culture & make Theta an incredible place to work
  • Create a best-in-class multi-player product that feels butter smooth
  • Make the world's best visual thinking and collaboration tool
  • Use the product you work on every day

🤖 Our Stack

  • React/Redux
  • Tailwind
  • 100% Typescript
  • Express.js
  • Postgres
  • Vercel, Render, AWS S3

🎯 Who would do well on this team

You'd thrive on this team if some of the points below apply to you:

  • Excited to join a tiny engineering team and have significant, direct responsibility for major projects
  • Fluent in Javascript or Typescript and some of our core libraries & technologies: React, Redux, Tailwind, Express, Postgres
  • Are very independent and self-directed, identifying the right things to work on and solving your own problems
  • Worked at 1 or more startups before and know what it's like
  • Care about browser performance and are will dive deep to ensure things are fast
  • Comfortable debugging gnarly UI issues as well as building clean and performant APIs
  • Care about product quality and having a solid & fast test suite

🧰 What the job is like

Some of the things that define what it's like to be a Theta engineer:

  • We write a ton of code. We don't do long planning sessions – we dive right in and start figuring things out as we go.
  • We over-communicate: We communicate early and often. We write detailed PR descriptions, bug reports, or docs for our ideas.
  • We work to achieve pixel perfect designs.
  • We're accountable for the quality and delivery of our work.
  • We ask for help when we need it (instead of disappearing) and we offer help when our teammates need it (instead of being focused only on your own work).
  • We talk about what the user experiences often during our work.
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Higher Education is in crisis. The cost of education is skyrocketing, while only 33% of students in the US graduate in four years and issues of equity and access are worsening.

At Coursedog, we believe Higher Ed's reliance on outdated software is the root of the problem. 75% of universities operate entirely on legacy, on-premise software, resulting in millions of frustrated students saddled with heaps of debt.

Coursedog's mission is to break down barriers in Higher Education. To do so, we are building a modern operating system for Higher Education: from supercharging the student scheduling experience to empowering administrators with analytics that graduate more students in less time. Our vision is to build software that enables the $800b Higher Education market to reach its highest ideals to facilitate upward mobility, equity and positive change.

Coursedog has raised $23m in venture capital as a hypergrowth startup backed by YC, First Round Capital and has tripled its employee headcount over the last 1.5 years. We were recently ranked in Forbes top 500 US startup employers and our employee engagement scores rank in the top 5% of tech companies. You can learn more about our culture here.

We are looking for a Backend Node.JS Engineer to join the Coursedog engineering team. The ideal candidate will be a proven technologist, passionate about software engineering, and have deep technical understanding of technologies such as Node.js. The position will be responsible for our backend services, infrastructure, and databases, and is also likely to touch the frontend quite a bit as well.

As a company, we value diversity and inclusion. We encourage people from underrepresented groups to apply.

What You Will Do:

  • Use Node.js, MongoDB, and other BE tools to design and implement the underlying application logic and database structure powering our APIs.
  • Improving our AWS infrastructure and overall application performance
  • Work closely with other developers and infrastructure engineers to analyze and design the application architecture, and implement the functional requirements.
  • Understand the needs of our clients to develop and improve the end-user experience.
  • Collaborate with product managers to develop and enhance our products according to our product roadmap and business strategy

About You:

  • Naturally curious and willing to step into the user’s shoes
  • 5+ years of backend development experience
  • Full professional proficiency in English
  • Deep technical knowledge and expertise in BE technologies and tools (Node.js, Express, MongoDB)
  • Demonstrated experience with designing REST APIs
  • Familiar with building SPAs and using Git for version control
  • Experience with building complicated, enterprise-level systems
  • Experience with unit and e2e testing
  • Owners mentality
  • Comfortable with working in a fully remote team

Bonus Points for Any of These Skills:

  • 5+ years of development experience for web applications, especially in b2b saas
  • BS/MS in Computer Science or related field
  • Experience working for a high-growth start-up
  • Big + for experience in higher education
  • Familiarity with frontend frameworks such as Vue.JS

Coursedog Provides:

  • Flexible work hours - we have no weekly hour minimums or specified work times. Work whenever you want to, at a pace and time of day that you prefer.

  • Expectations of time off - we push all team members to take off at least 17 days per year. However, this is entirely your choice, and time off can be taken whenever you want/need it.

  • Remote-first company - We believe remote work is an approach to work, not just working from home, and spend much of our energy on fostering trust and psychological safety in our digital space.

  • Lots of other benefits

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Mid Senior Developer

Why Join Tiny
With software used by millions of developers, and thousands of products worldwide, Tiny creates some of the world's most popular open source software.
Tiny builds the software that helps support some of the world’s most innovative start-ups and established enterprises; we create developer tools for the modern world. Most developers would be familiar with TinyMCE, the flexible open source rich text editor used by companies such as Atlassian, Accelo, Drift and more.

Scaling up our remote team, Tiny is evolving and growing our team globally as we continue to expand our product offerings, and create even better developer experiences.

Big problems are solved with Tiny solutions.

Your New Role
Tiny is seeking a talented front end developer to join our team. In this role, you will have the opportunity to influence the way hundreds of millions of people create content on the web. You will be a key member of the team responsible for developing and maintaining our online presence, spanning across websites.
You will join a team that brings new ideas to the market via our web assets. The role will require flexibility, creativity, and a willingness to experiment and test out ideas. You will work closely with product development, design and marketing, and have a strong focus on creating maintainable and scalable digital properties.


  • Use Typescript and Frameworks (React, Express) to build and maintain new websites and landing pages
  • Create and maintain multiple Rest API services in TypeScript (Node.js) to support our frontend web applications
  • Write high-performance, scalable code and unit tests
  • Collaborate with product, marketing, and support stakeholders to optimise and improve our customer’s digital experience
  • Work with the wider engineering team to support backend services and APIs (REST API, CMS, Payment Gateways, CRM)
  • Drive team success through contributions to sprint planning, code reviews, project post-mortems and a commitment to continuous learning


  • A degree in Engineering, Computer Science or a related field or equivalent experience
  • Significant experience in modern web technologies, including Typescript, Node.js, Express, and React
  • Solid HTML/CSS development experience
  • Familiarity with UX/UI concepts and a passion for good user experience
  • Solid understanding of how web applications work including security, session management, and best development practices
  • Experience working in a fast-paced agile environment. Prior exposure to working in a remote, global team is highly regarded.
  • Basic knowledge of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) processes

What you can expect from this role

  • We move fast and are always cooking up new things, so no two days are alike, however, you can generally expect to:
  • Work with people who are committed to helping you develop skills as a programmer
  • Work with senior management who will help you to develop your presentation, communication, teamwork and collaboration skills
  • Work with fun, hard-working and competent people who value ideas and creativity
  • Create wireframes, and develop these into fully deployed web assets
  • Write code to keep our 300,000 monthly web visitors happy, and coming back for more
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