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JS Full Stack Developer Junior

As the second fullstack developer at Wild Audience you will build a complete new SaaS app from scratch together with one other fullstack developer and our product manager.

We are fully bootstrapped, profitable and a remote team of 4 based in Europe serving more than 300 customers around the world in English & Spanish language.

As a team we value low-stress, freedom and more time for the things we love doing - like enjoying nature and surfing :-)

About you

You live somewhere in Europe, speak English fluently (Spanish is a plus) and feel comfortable working with Asana, Loom, Notion, Slack & Zoom.

The work you'll do

Together with our second full-stack developer you will be responsible for:

  • Developing, testing and refactoring components in React.
  • Developing and designing GraphQL API.
  • Implementing and designing new features.
  • Designing data models, implementing queries and mutations to the database.
  • The implementation of backend functions (lambda functions in Node.js).
  • Designing and implementing integrations with third party API's.
  • Clean documentation, well-organized communication/reporting and research.
  • Supporting the team with technical questions, detecting and fixing bugs.
  • Reviewing and refactoring code.
  • You’re able to effectively balance speed/quality/tech debt and make engineering decisions that enable speed while maintaining quality results.

Your experience

Min. 1-2 years work experience

The skills you have

 Minimum Skills:

  • Good understanding and experience of HTML, CSS, JS.
  • Good understanding and experience with Javascript Es6 syntax.
  • Good understanding and experience of React and React Hooks.
  • Good understanding and experience of GIT workflow.
  • Basic understanding of Node.js.

Good to have: 

  • Experience working with PHP and Wordpress API
  • Experience working with third party API's (REST) - Stripe and ActiveCampaign a plus.
  • Fast learner and willing to learn new skills and tools.
  • Strong adherence to coding standards.
  • Writing clean and self-documented code.
  • Well understanding of balance between speed/quality/tech debt.
  • Understanding / experience with testing tools like Jest, Mocha, Chai.
  • Understanding of functional programming.
  • Experience with Agile development techniques.
  • Understanding / experience with API design and development.
  • Understanding / experience with JAMstack.
  • Understanding / experience with CSS frameworks as Tailwind, Bootstrap or Foundation.
  • Understanding / experience with AWS and/or Azure architecture and systems.
  • Experience with Serverless functions (Lambda).
  • Experience developing RESTful and GraphQL Web Services.
  • Experience working with full stack web applications.
  • Experience with databases and data models.
  • Understanding of web design and UX main concepts.

The stack you will use

We follow the JAMstack philosophy working with RedwoodJS as a framework. Wildmetrics is built on React on the client side and we use the Apollo Client to make queries using GraphQL. Prisma is used to handle connections with the database. On the server side we use node lambda functions on AWS.

The hiring process

Please note that we are looking to make an offer to someone no later than November 5th.

Phase 1: Initial application  - You’ll complete an application form with your basic info and answer a few questions so we can learn more about you, your experiences and skills and what is your vision for the future. If we believe there is a good fit based on that initial application, you'll jump into the next stage.

Phase 2: Test - We’ll send you a test to complete (2-5 hours) to evaluate your skills and learn more about your coding style.

Phase 3: Interviews - You’ll be having a first call with our developer to go through your test. If we believe there is a good fit at this stage, you'll jump on a call with Bastian, our CEO to talk about company culture, benefits and the future of the company as well as to answer any questions you might have.

Phase 4: Decision & Job Offer - After your interview with our CEO Bastian, we will take a few days to reflect on your application, make an offer and hopefully you’ll become a member of our team! :-)

The benefits you will get

Holidays: 16 public holidays + 23 paid vacation days + company holidays (Dec 24-Jan 1)

EU Remote: 100% EU remote-first company. The whole team is based somewhere in Europe. You can live and work wherever in any European country.

Surf Afternoon: If there are waves/wind (or any other sport you enjoy) and you want to go for a surf, take off and
enjoy. You can always finish your work after ;-)

Team Retreats: We do quarterly team retreats where we strategize and go on an adventure trip (hiking, camping or surfing) to bond & forecast the future.

Transparency: You get insights into everything Wild Audience does and you're part of all decisions (new hires, salaries, revenue, process optimizations, feedback, etc).

Sustainability: We care about the well-being of mother nature. Work travels and team retreats are done with train.

Health: Wild Audience pays for your private health insurance.

Office: We don't have an office. Work from home, cafes or coworking spaces.

We have a lot of more cool ideas about team benefits which we will gradually roll-out whenever Wild Audience achieves new financial goals and more funds become available.

About Wild Audience

Wild Audience is a big-data startup building Wildmetrics to solve ROI analytics for marketing campaigns, funnels & channels. Wildmetrics is in its second month of development and released an Alpha version for 14 early adopters.

We also offer two other products, Wild Mail and Automation University, to help our customers grow their business by building authentic relationships with marketing automation.
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Remote work needs a different playbook. Base builds tools that help remote teams know each other better, and communicate more openly and asynchronously.

We're Matt and Jan. We're second time founders (previous companies acq by Dropbox) and makers and have recently closed our seed financing round from top US and EU investors. We're looking for our first designer to join us as founding team members.

Your role

  • Designing the Base apps for web, desktop and mobile
  • Establishing and fostering design-led culture and process
  • Collaborating with the founders and engineers
  • Talking to customers, gathering feedback and understanding what they want

Your background

  • High attention to detail

  • Experience designing with a team (ideally at a startup)

  • You enjoy crafting software used by hundreds of thousands of people

  • You can code (Framer, React, Swift) to demonstrate your ideas (or want to learn!)

  • You like the idea of working remotely

    Apply now and work remotely at Base