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Javascript/HTML5/Canvas Charts Developer

Jigsaw Trading javascript canvas html chartiq html

Note - you will be working remote for us, we prefer people in Asia as we are in Thailand and we like to work on matching time zones.

Also, please - no agencies or companies. We work directly with developers only.

Jigsaw Trading is a provider of trading education, trading platforms and advanced analytics. We are looking to add 2 more people to our team to work on our new charting module. This will be launched in July but that's just phase 1 and we see this as an area that will need permanent ongoing development work.

We are currently using a set of libraries called ChartIQ within our futures trading application. It's a set of HTML5/Javascript libraries that we have extensively customized.

When we say "Financial Charts" - we mean the sort of charts used by people trading financial markets. This is financial time-series data. Candlestick charts, tick charts, market profile, footprint charts etc.

We need a developer to come on board - someone with both design and coding skills, to help us complete the project. Your skills should at least consist of:

  • Have knowledge of OOPS in JS.
  • Should be able to write test cases and good in debugging.
  • Knowledge of HTML Canvas is must i.e 2D and 3D both.
  • Worked on a charting library before which uses canvas.
  • Able to provide clear estimate based on conceptual design coding.

This means that for each major component we develop, we write a design first.

Requirements come from us and you will be writing the design document. We don't want somebody that wants to be coding 100% of the time, we have to agree on the design approach first because performance is essential. We like to think before we code.

We have mostly completed the app but we have some bugs to sort out. The Javascript code is complex and is based on a set of libraries called "ChartIQ". We know how to extend ChartIQ but there's a number of issues with the existing code. This job is not for someone that has simply been designing simple websites. There is a lot of number-crunching and performance tuning required.

This person would be able to analyze the existing HTML5/JS code and help us design the last integrations to the other part of our app.

We would prefer someone that has done indicator/similar development on NinjaTrader, MultiCharts, Sierra Charts or some other mainstream platform. Someone that knows a Footprint chart from a Market Profile.

This will be an ongoing project, as we'll always be developing new types of charts to display.

Please quote a MONTHLY rate as this will be an ongoing project of at least 6 months.

Note also - we aren't looking for an agency, we want to work with someone directly. This is not negotiable.
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Mid-weight Frontend Developer

UBIO has built the Automation Cloud, a platform which can robotically perform any online task such as reserving a hotel for your trip to New York, booking a flight to get there and applying for a credit card to pay for it all.

We are looking for an optimistic, versatile and resilient engineer who has developed highly user friendly frontend apps in Javascript or Typescript. You would have been involved with building apps which consume APIs and work on a number of different devices and browsers. We are a small Engineering team, relying on tools like GitHub and Slack to keep us communicating efficiently. We also rely on architectural principles and guidelines to ensure our colleagues can pick up our work in the future, if necessary.

You will work on the following:

  • Robot School - our automation e-learning platform
  • Backoffice - our frontend for UBIO admins and area partners
  • Dashboard - where automation stats are displayed
  • SDK - the product integrated into our partners’ apps
  • https://ub.io- Our company website
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Senior Front-end Developer for Likvido

Are you a skilled front-end developer and do you have a talent for UX design? Do you want to impact Likvidos product and become a part of our tech family? Then you might be our new front-end developer!

Likvido is a fast-growing and ambitious tech startup based in Copenhagen with 25 employees. We were founded in 2018 with the vision of creating a product, that could provide companies with an easy and user-friendly solution for charging their invoices. Our goal is to automate the entire process of invoicing, reminders and debt collection and thus ensuring companies time and cash flow to focus on their core business. We create cutting-edge technology which can save companies time and frustration and help support the growth and job satisfaction of our customers.

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Full Stack Developer

Hello from Ko-fi!

Do you want to join the team that helps creators earn over $1.5m per month from doing what they love?

We’re looking for full-stack developers to help us build the platform that empowers creators around the world to fund their passions.

We've already helped creators earn over $25m in donations, commissions and subscriptions and we're just getting started! We've got big plans to become the go-to platform for creators to fund their creative work directly from their fans.

In this role you'll make a direct and meaningful impact on the roadmap straight away and ship your work to millions of active members of the community.

### In This Role, You Will:

  • Help creators everywhere earn a living doing what they love
  • Work directly with Ko-fi’s founder and first developer
  • Receive competitive pay + bonuses
  • Have a professional development allowance
  • Work on high-impact projects with lots of autonomy
  • Ship code used by millions of people every month

### Salary Range
Totally dependent upon experience and fit, but we're broadly looking for developers in the $35k - $55k p.a. range with the potential for regular bonuses.

### What It's Like to Work at Ko-fi 
Everything we do is driven by our community. The core team is small and dedicated, we build fast and we ship fast! It's very rewarding to see when new features and experiences you've built have an immediate impact on the community.
Jarrich - Developer
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Brainscape, a profitable fast-growing education startup with over 4 million registered users, is seeking a contract front-end developer to bring our new brand designs to life through Javascript, CSS, HTML5, and a bit of Rails views.

These web pages have already been fully designed and vetted during a long and careful rebranding process. You will work with our VP of UI/UX, our CPO, and our lead Graphic Designer to ensure that your coded pages maintain fidelity to these designs.

This position is a remote contract position for an individual only (no agencies). There may also be opportunities for you to extend this into a longer-term employee relationship with Brainscape depending on your skill-sets and the quality of your work & commitment.
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