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We are looking for a talented, self-starting full-stack developer to join our Sematext Cloud development team. On the frontend we use React, Redux, ChartJS, etc. On the backend we use Go, Elasticsearch, Kafka, ClickHouse, Kotlin, Node.js, and a bit of legacy Java. For our monitoring agents we use eBPF, Go, Rust, and Java, and we use a log shipper written in Rust. All our infrastructure is in AWS. We use Terraform and Ansible for automation and Jenkins for CI. All of our applications run in Docker containers orchestrated using Kubernetes. We try to automate everything we can. We use Github workflow and Kanban boards in JIRA. Most developers use Docker running on Linux or OSX. See further below about how we work.

This position will let you work with all our products, large volumes of streaming data, contribute to our open-source projects, and interact with users and customers using our products. We don’t expect you to know everything coming in – we’ll pair you with peers who will help you improve your skills and close any experience gaps.

Although this position is advertised as a Full Stack Engineer position, we are also looking for purely backend and purely frontend oriented individuals.


  • Curiosity and passion for learning
  • Self-starter and positive can-do attitude
  • Ability to work with a geographically distributed team
  • Good written and oral communication skills
  • Experience coding in Go
  • Experience with React and Redux a plus
  • Experience with Rust a plus
  • Experience with some of the frontend and backend technologies we use
  • Experience with Docker or Kubernetes a plus
  • Experience with various forms of Monitoring a plus


  • This position is open to candidates in North or South America or Europe, although truly exceptional individuals from other corners of the planet will be considered, too.

A bit about how we work

  • We work in small 3-4 people teams

  • We have 2-week sprints, which we plan every other Monday

  • We do demos on Fridays

  • We automate everything that can be automated – we have an automated test env, CI/CD pipeline, Kubernetes, etc.

  • We use Slack and have an async version of daily standup

  • We use JIRA, make use of story points, and we pay attention to our development velocity

  • We use Figma for UX designs

  • We are a fully distributed company

  • We meet at conferences and annual whole-company gatherings. Our last such gathering was in Zagreb, Croatia, and before that we met in Barcelona, Spain, before that in Split, Croatia, etc.

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Position Summary:

This position is 100% remote. The company is looking for a Lead Backend Developer experienced in leading small teams. This means anywhere from actively developing, leading, and guiding other developers to making architectural decisions when building new features.

This is an exciting role for anyone who would love to work on an exciting team in the Esports space and products related to gamers.

About the company:

The company is a global and growing Esports startup which enables hundreds of thousands of gamers around the world to compete at games on a professional level and earn prizes.

Few Responsibilities: 

  • Create and set up the architecture for new features
  • Work and manage a small team of developers and make sure you ship features on time
  • Collaborate and communicate with product, design, and business departments to deliver delightful products and features
  • Work on the product actively as well as lead team
  • Working with other key stakeholders to define a product roadmap

Tech Stack:

  • Node.js with Express.js
  • Angular 8
  • PostgreSQL
  • AWS


  • Must be located in EU
  • Lead Developer experience with a proven record of leading small teams
  • 5+ years of experience with development on the backend with one or few languages such as (Node.js, Python, Go)
  • Experience with designing and implementing backend features for scalable mobile and/or web applications
  • Experience with setting up architecture for applications and setting up things from scratch
  • Capacity to work and code on the project as well as lead the team
  • Great communications skills
  • Proactive problem solver

Nice to have:

  • Experience with GCP or AWS
  • Experience working with remote teams


  • $70K - $100K per year

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