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Full Stack Developer with React experience


Codelitt Incubator is looking for a Full Stack Developer with experience in HTML, CSS, and Javascript(React required)and a backend language (Ruby, Go, Python or C#). Preferably you'll have a keen eye for the user interface, communicate well with designers, and with other engineers. You work well with others and friendly.{linebreak}{linebreak}While this is a remote position, there are often meetings at 9 a.m. ET. Something to take into consideration. Mountain Time, Central Time, or Eastern Time preferred.{linebreak}{linebreak}Benefits{linebreak}{linebreak}- Great mentorship and company culture {linebreak}- Remote work{linebreak}- Challenging work and interesting projects{linebreak}- Healthcare benefits package{linebreak}- Fun office space in Wynwood (Miami - if you so choose){linebreak}{linebreak}Also - {linebreak}{linebreak}In order to attract the best talent to Codelitt and fulfill our mission of building great products, we provide our employees with the opportunity to work on their own products and invest small angel money into their products with the goal of enabling them to leave our program with both the experience working in the skunkworks program and a product of their own to launch.
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  • Are you looking for a remote work on international projects?{linebreak}* Are you looking for 40 hours a week workload?{linebreak}* Is it suitable for you to use time tracker at work?{linebreak}* Is your hourly rate $20 - $30?{linebreak}{linebreak}Soshace will provide you with remote work with hourly payment on modern projects lasting 3 months and more.{linebreak}{linebreak}* Do you have 1-year experience in commercial projects with Node.js and one of the front-end frameworks: React, React Native, Vue.js or Angular 2+?{linebreak}* Do you have more than 3-year commercial experience with JavaScript?{linebreak}* Can you provide a portfolio of relevant projects?{linebreak}* Do you know HTML, CSS, cross-browser and adaptive layout? {linebreak}* Do you have good writing and speaking skills in English (Intermediate and above)?{linebreak}{linebreak}If you answer “yes” to all questions, send us your CV and be ready to provide a portfolio of projects you took part in{linebreak}Recruitment stages are:{linebreak}{linebreak}* Primary interview (a detailed discussion of your resume and portfolio){linebreak}* Online test{linebreak}* Interview with a technical specialist.
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Senior Full Stack Node Developer


{linebreak}The CTO of GLG has approached my team and asked us to find the best development talent that is proficient in React/Angular and NodeJS, and atleast a few other languages like Java (Frontend will only be react or angular) and work on a pool of projects and solve them in their own way. 100% remote. When you come on board you get to know everything about the projects before starting one out of the 16 currently running.{linebreak}{linebreak}{linebreak}The person they are looking for is someone who fits one of these profiles:{linebreak}{linebreak}{linebreak}* Has been a CTO/Head of development of either their own company, or another company, has experience in managing team of developer, has built teams of developers{linebreak}{linebreak}* Someone who has worked on projects outside of their work, they are passionate and personally involved with development and programming and have contribution to the open source community.{linebreak}{linebreak}{linebreak}{linebreak}{linebreak}{linebreak}In return, the developer gets:{linebreak}{linebreak}{linebreak}* a fully remote, 100% remote work life{linebreak}{linebreak}* Anything between 110K and 170K in salary (based on salary){linebreak}{linebreak}* Chance to work on a pool of projects with professional developers all who are experts in what they do m{linebreak}{linebreak}* Make the money that a contractor would make but get the benefits of permanent roles such as career progression.{linebreak}{linebreak}* Work with developers all over the world so no matter what time zone you're in, there will always be developers working on projects.{linebreak}{linebreak}{linebreak}{linebreak}{linebreak}It's basically an opportunity that will take your career to the next stage.
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Overview:{linebreak}{linebreak}At Segment, we believe companies should be able to send their data wherever they want, whenever they want, with no fuss. We make this easy with a single platform that collects, stores, filters, transforms, and sends data to hundreds of business tools with the flip of a switch. More recently, we also developed the ability to let customers enrich their data in real time using computations they specify. Our goal is to make it easy to understand, extract value, and protect the integrity of data. We are creating a world where engineers spend their time working on their core product, letting us take care of the complexities of processing their customer data reliably at scale. We’re in the running to take over the entire customer data ecosystem, and we need the best people to take the market. {linebreak}{linebreak}Who we are:{linebreak}{linebreak}We develop our product across a number of geographically distributed teams including San Francisco (HQ), Vancouver, and remote in the USA, each with a particular product feature focus area. From collecting data through analytics.js, to building powerful tools for data governance, to implementing algorithms that can handle complex billing scenarios at scale, to visualizing our customers’ data flow through our pipelines, to making complex implementations manageable for our large enterprise customers, to optimizing Sign Up conversion, our product teams are focused on creating fantastic user experiences. We're looking for talented engineers that are passionate about building world-class experiences that delight our customers.{linebreak}{linebreak}What We Do:{linebreak}{linebreak}* We enjoy building UIs in React so much that we created and open sourced our own component library: Evergreen{linebreak}* We believe in using the best tool for the job. We write customer-facing features using React, Node.JS and GraphQL. Our write-heavy traffic services are written with Go and leverage multiple data storage solutions.{linebreak}* We deploy our code multiple times per day.{linebreak}* We love conferences (one of our engineers spoke in 4 different countries last year!){linebreak}* We love open source: https://open.segment.com{linebreak}* We’re proud of the code we write, but we’re not dogmatic about methodologies or techniques. We believe building the "right thing" is more important than building things "right". However, we take our customers’ dependence on our systems very seriously and strive to build highly performant and reliable software that are parts of our customers’ core infrastructure.
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  • Are you looking for a remote work on international projects?{linebreak}* Are you looking for 40 hours a week workload?{linebreak}* Is it suitable for you to use time tracker at work?{linebreak}* Is your hourly rate $20 - $30?{linebreak}{linebreak}Soshace will provide you with remote work with hourly payment on modern projects lasting 3 months and more.{linebreak}{linebreak}* Do you have 1-year experience in commercial projects with one of the frameworks: React, React Native, Vue.js or Angular 2+?{linebreak}* Do you have more than 3-year commercial experience with JavaScript?{linebreak}* Can you provide a portfolio of relevant projects?{linebreak}* Do you know HTML, CSS, cross-browser and adaptive layout? {linebreak}* Do you have good writing and speaking skills in English (Intermediate and above)?{linebreak}{linebreak}If you answer “yes” to all questions, send us your CV and be ready to provide a portfolio of projects you took part in{linebreak}Recruitment stages are:{linebreak}{linebreak}* Primary interview (a detailed discussion of your resume and portfolio){linebreak}* Online test{linebreak}* Interview with a technical specialist.
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Senior Full Stack JS Engineer

Full Time: Senior Full-Stack JS Engineer/Tech Lead with Node, React & TypeScript at DevsData in Remote
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ReactJS Developer (m/f)

Millions of people get inspired and plan real-life adventures with our apps. We help outdoor enthusiasts all over the world discover better hiking and biking routes, to track and navigate their adventures --- and to better share these with their friends and followers. In a nutshell, we empower everybody to explore more of the great outdoors.{linebreak}{linebreak}{linebreak}{linebreak}To help us make komoot.com the place to go for people around the world to plan their outdoor adventures, we're looking for an ambitious ReactJS developer to join our team.{linebreak}{linebreak}{linebreak}{linebreak}### Your key responsibilities{linebreak}{linebreak}{linebreak}{linebreak}- Take over responsibility of all parts of our web app{linebreak}{linebreak}{linebreak}{linebreak}- Develop innovative new features in collaboration with our team of backend developers, ReactJS developers, designers, copywriters, seo and product experts{linebreak}{linebreak}{linebreak}{linebreak}- Optimize the core functionality and performance of our web app{linebreak}{linebreak}{linebreak}{linebreak}### Why you will love it{linebreak}{linebreak}{linebreak}{linebreak}- You'll tangibly enable millions of people to plan and experience authentic outdoor adventures{linebreak}{linebreak}{linebreak}{linebreak}- We let you work from wherever you want, be it a beach, the mountains, your house or anywhere else that lies in any time zone between UTC-1 and UTC+3{linebreak}{linebreak}{linebreak}{linebreak}- You'll work on challenging tasks, such as complex maps or community features with rapid data updates{linebreak}{linebreak}{linebreak}{linebreak}- You'll be developing in fast cycles and releasing frequently with continuous build, testing and direct team feedback{linebreak}{linebreak}{linebreak}{linebreak}- Your expert knowledge will make you a key player amongst a team of highly motivated, talented people{linebreak}{linebreak}{linebreak}{linebreak}- You'll travel together with our team to amazing outdoor places several times a year to exchange ideas, learnings and go for hikes and rides{linebreak}{linebreak}{linebreak}{linebreak}- You'll build and improve a service that we're pretty sure you'll end up using for your personal outdoor trips{linebreak}{linebreak}{linebreak}{linebreak}### You will be successful in this position if you{linebreak}{linebreak}{linebreak}{linebreak}- Are highly self-driven, responsible and keen to improve{linebreak}{linebreak}{linebreak}{linebreak}- Love to develop awesome products for a great user experience{linebreak}{linebreak}{linebreak}{linebreak}- Have proven experience in developing high quality ReactJS web apps (2+ years) and solid JavaScript knowledge (4+ years){linebreak}{linebreak}{linebreak}{linebreak}- Write highly reusable react components and know how to layout with CSS{linebreak}{linebreak}{linebreak}{linebreak}- Have a passion for building software, demonstrated through interesting side projects, open source contributions or other involvement in the tech community{linebreak}{linebreak}{linebreak}{linebreak}- Have experience in working in a distributed team, have good communication skills and love to work together with others in fast development cycles{linebreak}{linebreak}{linebreak}{linebreak}### Sounds like you?{linebreak}{linebreak}{linebreak}{linebreak}Then send us the following:{linebreak}{linebreak}{linebreak}{linebreak}- Your CV{linebreak}{linebreak}{linebreak}{linebreak}- A write-up explaining who you are and why you are interested in working at komoot{linebreak}{linebreak}{linebreak}{linebreak}- Examples of your work (e.g. GitHub, PDFs, Slideshare, etc.){linebreak}{linebreak}{linebreak}{linebreak}- Feel free to send us something that shows us a little more about what you're interested in, be it your Twitter/Instagram account, or your OpenStreetMap profile if you have one{linebreak}{linebreak}{linebreak}{linebreak}- You'll get bonus points for: Doing something creative with komoot (we love it when people go the extra mile)
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Blockchain Developer

A client of Anywhere.team is looking for two blockchain developers with at least 3 years of experience in Ethereum JavaScript development (web3, Truffle).{linebreak}{linebreak}{linebreak}{linebreak}The company is a blockchain startup working on delivering the product after closing a successful ICO. The candidate will join a team of ten developers, directly reporting to the CTO.{linebreak}{linebreak}{linebreak}{linebreak}OUR IDEAL CANDIDATE:{linebreak}{linebreak}Must have 3+ years of experience in Ethereum development using web3.js and Truffle{linebreak}{linebreak}Must have experience in server-side JavaScript (Node.js){linebreak}{linebreak}Must be proficient in using Git{linebreak}{linebreak}Experience in Solidity is preferred but not required{linebreak}{linebreak}Experience in front-end frameworks, especially React is preferred (but not required){linebreak}{linebreak}Must have verifiable references on GitHub or BitBucket{linebreak}{linebreak}Have been working remotely for at least 1 year{linebreak}{linebreak}Can read, write and speak English fluently{linebreak}{linebreak}Excellent project management, time management, and communication skills{linebreak}{linebreak}{linebreak}{linebreak}This is a remote position, but considering most of the company is working on the US East Coast, we prefer candidates in the Americas, Europe or Africa. Candidates east of UTC+2 might find it difficult to efficiently collaborate with the team.{linebreak}{linebreak}{linebreak}{linebreak}This is a full-term, indefinite contract position, equivalent to being a full-time employee. Compensation is US$75-85k per year depending on the experience, and a generous token bonus.{linebreak}{linebreak}{linebreak}{linebreak}We are keen to work with anyone with the right skills and mindset regardless of their age, gender, race, sexual orientation, location or background. We are looking for curious, flexible and proactive people. We only work with individuals - our jobs are not open to agencies and production shops.
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Node.js Back End Developer

{linebreak}We’re building something very special and for this we need very special developers who like a challenge. See www.xara.com for details.{linebreak}{linebreak}A new distributed team, building a new slick product, using the very latest state of the art web technologies: Javascript, Node.js, MongoDB, Kubernetes, Docker, ELK, Mocha and TeamCity.{linebreak}{linebreak}Competitive salary, largely dependent on experience.{linebreak}{linebreak}If you have the right skills and the determination to succeed, this is your opportunity to work on a product that will be used by millions of people, and to contribute to the most amazing web-based creative tool being developed today{linebreak}{linebreak}Location{linebreak}{linebreak}Based in our German or UK office, or remote working. If remote then you must be within +/- 3 hours of UK time, and there will be occasional visits for face to face meetings with the rest of the team, many of whom are also remote workers.{linebreak}{linebreak}Please do not apply if you are outside these time zones as your application will be ignored!{linebreak}{linebreak}Our German office is in a spacious modern building in Berlin, the tech start-up hub of Germany.The UK office is at Gaddesden Place, Hemel Hempstead, (25 miles north of London), a country mansion (see Gaddesden Place), with snooker table and swimming pool. {linebreak}{linebreak}Skills & Requirements{linebreak}{linebreak}Candidates must possess the following experience and attributes:-{linebreak}{linebreak}{linebreak}* An IT or Science Degree, or equivalent{linebreak}{linebreak}* Solid commercial experience (3 years +) with:{linebreak}{linebreak}{linebreak}{linebreak}* Server-side programming{linebreak}{linebreak}* Linux configuration{linebreak}{linebreak}* TDD and continuous integration{linebreak}{linebreak}* JavaScript and Node.js{linebreak}{linebreak}* NOSQL (Redis and MongoDB are required){linebreak}{linebreak}* Docker{linebreak}{linebreak}* GIT{linebreak}{linebreak}{linebreak}{linebreak}* A solid understanding of cloud deployment strategies and scalable architectures{linebreak}{linebreak}* A desire to work on world-leading web software products{linebreak}{linebreak}* Highly motivated, with a positive attitude to work and the ability to learn quickly{linebreak}{linebreak}* Good trouble-shooting skills with the perseverance to solve problems{linebreak}{linebreak}* Able to work productively, both autonomously and as part of a dynamic team{linebreak}{linebreak}{linebreak}{linebreak}{linebreak}Desirable experience and attributes:-{linebreak}{linebreak}{linebreak}* Commercial experience with high-volume scalable architectures{linebreak}{linebreak}* Good knowledge of the most common web servers / load balancers (Apache, Nginx, HAProxy){linebreak}{linebreak}* Experience with ELK and Grafana{linebreak}{linebreak}* Experience with AWS or GCP{linebreak}{linebreak}* Experience with Kubernetes{linebreak}{linebreak}* An interest in online security{linebreak}{linebreak}{linebreak}
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Nodejs & React Dev

REQUIREMENTS & RESPONSIBILITIES{linebreak}{linebreak}- The ability to change context between different projects.{linebreak}{linebreak}{linebreak}{linebreak}- Setting predetermined tasks, and following up on updating basecamp{linebreak}{linebreak}{linebreak}{linebreak}- Strong knowledge of Nodejs and express like frameworks{linebreak}{linebreak}{linebreak}{linebreak}- Utilizes classes, spreads and more from ES6{linebreak}{linebreak}{linebreak}{linebreak}- You understand MVC, and how to keep code DRY{linebreak}{linebreak}{linebreak}{linebreak}Our Tech Stack: {linebreak}{linebreak}Nodejs, {linebreak}{linebreak}Nextjs, {linebreak}{linebreak}Apollo, {linebreak}{linebreak}Prisma, {linebreak}{linebreak}& sometime Redux.{linebreak}{linebreak}{linebreak}{linebreak}### EXTRA POINTS{linebreak}{linebreak}{linebreak}{linebreak}Design is more then aesthetics. But it would be nice if you have a good eye. We believe in testing new ideas and tech. Constant curiosity should push you to try new and innovative your process.{linebreak}{linebreak}{linebreak}{linebreak}{linebreak}{linebreak}### PERKS (bragging rights){linebreak}{linebreak}{linebreak}{linebreak}- Work on awesome projects. We have celebrity clients, crypto clients & more{linebreak}{linebreak}{linebreak}{linebreak}- Got an online course you want to take? We got you. We’re all about remote, including learning. Request a course and we’d be happy to fund your endeavours.{linebreak}{linebreak}{linebreak}{linebreak}- Your own work email, sandbox server & more{linebreak}{linebreak}{linebreak}{linebreak}- Access to a community of creators that can help with any other project you’re working on{linebreak}{linebreak}{linebreak}{linebreak}- Room to grow 🌲. As we grow our selves, with new clients & internal projects, this will open up room for you to have the chance of leading a project.

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Senior JavaScript TypeScript Node Developer

TSP Consulting javascript node js senior node js

{linebreak}* We are looking for applicants who live within the contiguous United States. Recruiting firms need not respond.{linebreak}{linebreak}We are looking for a senior level JavaScript/TypeScript Node Developer to join our team for active client engagement. You would join our team who is building a custom API that exposes services via an AWS hosted environment. As part of that team, you would be expected to work remotely, on a provided laptop through a VPN client connection to an internally hosted continuous integration environment. {linebreak}{linebreak}The initial two-week period would involve shadowing a current senior team member to understand the current projects and the third party platforms that we are integrating with.{linebreak}{linebreak}The ideal candidate would have the following skills:{linebreak}{linebreak}{linebreak}* Exceptional TypeScript/JavaScript experience/expertise.{linebreak}{linebreak}* NodeJS experience.{linebreak}{linebreak}* Unix/Linux environment familiarity (a lot of everyday work is done on command line){linebreak}{linebreak}* Experience with Git{linebreak}{linebreak}* MongoDB{linebreak}{linebreak}* AWS development and deployment experience{linebreak}{linebreak}* .Net Core and experience a huge plus.{linebreak}{linebreak}* Must have excellent communication skills{linebreak}{linebreak}{linebreak}{linebreak}{linebreak}We are looking for a minimum weekly commitment of 40 hours, but more may be available should you desire extra hours.  There is permanent hiring potential for the right applicant moving forward as well.  There are potential travel requirements during the initial startup to the Bay area as well as regular meetings and daily stand-ups that you would be expected to attend via a conference call.  We would expect you to be available and working during the client’s normal business hours (they are on the west coast USA).{linebreak}{linebreak}Our team primarily communicates though slack and phone calls and is very responsive.  You would be in close communication with the team at all times and highly supported.{linebreak}{linebreak}If you think this might be a good fit for your skill set, please contact us.  This position is available immediately.{linebreak}{linebreak}This is a remote work position, however, you must be permitted to work in the US without sponsorship. US candidates only.{linebreak}{linebreak}Rate: $75 Hr.
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Node.js services builder

Full Time: Node.js services builder at Paylike in Remote - Europe
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Knack's goal is to democratize data and make it easy for for anyone to unlock the power of their data with apps, workflows, and integrations.

We're hiring a AWS/DevOps/SRE engineer to help us build, manage, and optimize a container-based infrastructure for deploying thousands of database-driven applications.

This role can encompass multiple titles like DevOps, SRE, and Systems Engineering. We’re less interested in conforming to a specific title, and more interested in a passion for using systems and infrastructure to help build a great product.

Regardless of title, the following are core responsibilities:

  • Manage and improve our AWS infrastructure, implementing best practices, evaluating AWS offerings, and deploying infrastructure resources.
  • Develop processes to scale and automate our infrastructure using container-based systems.
  • Monitoring hundreds of instances: database servers, API servers, custom servers… you name it!
  • Reduce barriers for engineers to deploy and optimize systems.

In addition, there’s room to make a major impact in multiple areas:

  • Help optimize for security, speed, and redundancy across all points of the AWS stack.
  • Build tools and processes to help us detect and respond to operational issues more quickly.
  • Increase performance visibility by working on our metrics and logging infrastructure.
  • Improve and optimize resource monitoring and emergency response handling.

We’re not expecting expertise in each category. You’ll be working with a team of full-stack engineers that are willing and able to collaborate and participate in this work. Ultimately we’re looking for someone who has a passion for quickly leveraging and optimizing new technology, implementing best practices, and building world-class systems at scale.

Our stack

  • AWS - we’ve drunk the kool-aid and use AWS across the board.
  • Salt, Sensu, Graylog, Elasticsearch - provisioning, monitoring, and logging
  • Node.js - APIs and backend development
  • Kubernetes, Docker, ECS - tentative container exploration
  • MariaDB, MongoDB, Solr, Redis - data persistence
  • Github, Jenkins, Ghost Inspector, Mocha - deployment and testing

How we work

  • Execute: this isn't a management position. This means you'll be executing your craft and shipping improvements every day.
  • Contribute: we want our engineers to make an impact on the Knack product. This means you're not just implementing other’s specifications. You’re developing ideas, making suggestions, and keeping on top of new tech to understand opportunities.
  • Engage: we expect a high level of engagement with decision-making, specifications, and consensus. You'll be expected to propose ideas, defend them, and contribute feedback to others.
  • Learn and grow: we do code-reviews, pair-programming, lunch-and-learns, and use every opportunity to teach and learn.

Our work is 100% remote. We use GitHub, Slack, Trello, Google Docs and Google Hangouts to get our work done. As a remote company we optimize around asynchronous communication. We also realize that in-person communication is often going to be the most effective means to get something done.

About You
Above all, you build things. You have a history of starting --and completing-- projects, whether that’s products, applications, games, libraries, or plugins.

You’re both a teacher and a learner. You’re not afraid to admit when someone may know more than you. You have the confidence to help others level up.

You’re an outstanding communicator. You can document a problem, and clearly and succinctly outline a solution. You’re not afraid to distill things into plain English for teammates and customers.

You have experience working in fast-paced environments, prioritizing and balancing multiple projects, and working with cross-functional teams.

You want to work on a product you can be proud of that impacts thousands of people all over the world, from non-profits to the world’s biggest companies.

You go all in. You want to do your best work, and have that work make an impact.

This isn’t for everyone, but for the right fit this will be the definitive experience of your career. Our goal will be to ensure you are driven and supported to continuously grow and do your best work.

More info: https://knack.com/about
Working at Knack: https://knack.com/work-at-knack
Apply: https://www.knack.com/devops
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Full-stack Node.js Developer

Company Background

We are a live chat outsourcing company that provides dedicated live chat agents to help e-commerce and app businesses increase sales and conversions. Our team members are distributed across the globe as great talents exist everywhere, and we don’t believe in limiting opportunities. We understand the success of a business depends not only on the success of its customers — but also its team members.

We are looking for a rockstar full-stack developer with some years of commercial experience to join our remote development team in building a brand new omni-channel e-commerce software which we developed from scratch in-house.

We’re growing fast and that’s exactly why we’re looking for an experienced developers to join our awesome team. We work remotely across the globe from anywhere with internet access.

Become part of the wonder.shop team as a Full-Stack Node.js Developer if you want an MVP-focused and multicultural environment.

You want to code state-of-the-art in an output-driven, structured work environment?
You like to contribute your ideas to an innovative product with lots of challenges?

Then you’re the perfect person to join our team!


  • Vue.js / nuxt

  • Bootstrap 4

  • GraphQL

  • REST

  • AWS

  • MySQL

  • Bitbucket

  • JIRA


  • Building and extending our frontend E-Commerce Store

  • Building and providing of external & internal APIs

  • Conception, planning and development of new features based on our Technology stack

  • Working on both, front- and backend topics together with our different IT Teams

  • Building the future of Furniture E-Commerce

  • Agile processes, that are adapted to the team’s and project’s needs

  • Actively internal knowledge sharing


  • You have at least 2 years experience as a full-stack developer

  • You have a strong experience working with backend technologies like node.js and express

  • You have a strong experience working with frontend technologies like vue.js and nuxt

  • You love writing JavaScript, or even better: Typescript

  • You know Test-Driven-Development (TDD)

  • Strong knowledge of creating RESTful APIs

  • Familiar with GIT

  • Self-dependent and responsible working

  • Very good written & spoken english skills


  • Learn from one of the best developers in the industry

  • Personal and professional growth opportunities

  • Work with high-profile customers and high-growth startups

  • Flexi-schedule (as long as deadlines and meetings are met)

  • Geographically distributed team

  • Fully remote work

  • Competitive Salary
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