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Full Stack Developer with React experience

Codelitt Incubator is looking for a Full Stack Developer with experience in HTML, CSS, and Javascript(React required)and a backend language (Ruby, Go, Python or C#). Preferably you'll have a keen eye for the user interface, communicate well with designers, and with other engineers. You work well with others and friendly.{linebreak}{linebreak}While this is a remote position, there are often meetings at 9 a.m. ET. Something to take into consideration. Mountain Time, Central Time, or Eastern Time preferred.{linebreak}{linebreak}Benefits{linebreak}{linebreak}- Great mentorship and company culture {linebreak}- Remote work{linebreak}- Challenging work and interesting projects{linebreak}- Healthcare benefits package{linebreak}- Fun office space in Wynwood (Miami - if you so choose){linebreak}{linebreak}Also - {linebreak}{linebreak}In order to attract the best talent to Codelitt and fulfill our mission of building great products, we provide our employees with the opportunity to work on their own products and invest small angel money into their products with the goal of enabling them to leave our program with both the experience working in the skunkworks program and a product of their own to launch.
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Nodejs & React Dev

REQUIREMENTS & RESPONSIBILITIES{linebreak}{linebreak}- The ability to change context between different projects.{linebreak}{linebreak}{linebreak}{linebreak}- Setting predetermined tasks, and following up on updating basecamp{linebreak}{linebreak}{linebreak}{linebreak}- Strong knowledge of Nodejs and express like frameworks{linebreak}{linebreak}{linebreak}{linebreak}- Utilizes classes, spreads and more from ES6{linebreak}{linebreak}{linebreak}{linebreak}- You understand MVC, and how to keep code DRY{linebreak}{linebreak}{linebreak}{linebreak}Our Tech Stack: {linebreak}{linebreak}Nodejs, {linebreak}{linebreak}Nextjs, {linebreak}{linebreak}Apollo, {linebreak}{linebreak}Prisma, {linebreak}{linebreak}& sometime Redux.{linebreak}{linebreak}{linebreak}{linebreak}### EXTRA POINTS{linebreak}{linebreak}{linebreak}{linebreak}Design is more then aesthetics. But it would be nice if you have a good eye. We believe in testing new ideas and tech. Constant curiosity should push you to try new and innovative your process.{linebreak}{linebreak}{linebreak}{linebreak}{linebreak}{linebreak}### PERKS (bragging rights){linebreak}{linebreak}{linebreak}{linebreak}- Work on awesome projects. We have celebrity clients, crypto clients & more{linebreak}{linebreak}{linebreak}{linebreak}- Got an online course you want to take? We got you. We’re all about remote, including learning. Request a course and we’d be happy to fund your endeavours.{linebreak}{linebreak}{linebreak}{linebreak}- Your own work email, sandbox server & more{linebreak}{linebreak}{linebreak}{linebreak}- Access to a community of creators that can help with any other project you’re working on{linebreak}{linebreak}{linebreak}{linebreak}- Room to grow 🌲. As we grow our selves, with new clients & internal projects, this will open up room for you to have the chance of leading a project.

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