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Sr. Backend Developer


You’re a senior Backend Developer in Canada 🍁 or the US 🗽.{linebreak}{linebreak}We’re a independently driven, diverse team who love technology. We’re building a web-based virtual reality enterprise training product and CMS.{linebreak}{linebreak}We’ll rely on you to bring your backend engineering expertise to the table, especially when it comes to leveraging AWS technology to manage content in the cloud and connect users in real-time.{linebreak}{linebreak}We're starting from scratch and trust your expertise. We'll rely on you to plan, develop and implement reliable client-server systems for data in the cloud. Your code will contribute to the services and APIs that power real-time reporting and dashboards for millions of data points.{linebreak}{linebreak}You’ll join 1 existing Unity 3D developer, 1 front end engineer, 2 business people, and 1 designer. We’re working from Calgary, Canada, but you’re welcome to work wherever home is!{linebreak}{linebreak}We’re looking for someone with a strong software development background of bringing web applications to life. This is not a junior position, impostor syndrome aside if you ship solid work, you have the experience we’re looking for!{linebreak}
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Full Stack Developer with React experience

Codelitt Incubator is looking for a Full Stack Developer with experience in HTML, CSS, and Javascript(React required)and a backend language (Ruby, Go, Python or C#). Preferably you'll have a keen eye for the user interface, communicate well with designers, and with other engineers. You work well with others and friendly.{linebreak}{linebreak}While this is a remote position, there are often meetings at 9 a.m. ET. Something to take into consideration. Mountain Time, Central Time, or Eastern Time preferred.{linebreak}{linebreak}Benefits{linebreak}{linebreak}- Great mentorship and company culture {linebreak}- Remote work{linebreak}- Challenging work and interesting projects{linebreak}- Healthcare benefits package{linebreak}- Fun office space in Wynwood (Miami - if you so choose){linebreak}{linebreak}Also - {linebreak}{linebreak}In order to attract the best talent to Codelitt and fulfill our mission of building great products, we provide our employees with the opportunity to work on their own products and invest small angel money into their products with the goal of enabling them to leave our program with both the experience working in the skunkworks program and a product of their own to launch.
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