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Frontend Software Engineer

Helping the Front End team design, develop, and maintain scalable, reusable code.
The power to continuously ship and learn from experiments and features.
Full ownership for each of our customer’s experiences helping them strive for excellence in building, leveraging, and protecting their businesses.
Manage engineers and help them develop their careers, assigning them to projects tailored to their skill levels and long-term skill development.
Supporting, teaching and mentoring the Front End team with relentless kindness. And an environment where you are encouraged as a leader to learn from your team.
Contribute to discussions on a diverse set of topics relating to the business and engineering team.
Jumping right into Nav's agile/scrum process.
An environment where you can ask for help to avoid rabbit holes.
Time to have weekly one on ones with your engineers to set expectations, provide regular feedback, and support them by removing roadblocks and helping them tackle problems.
5 years of industry experience in Software Engineering.
Web development skills in React, latest CSS and CSS in JS tools (i.e. Styled Components), and Javascript/ES-latest.
AND/OR mobile application development with iOS or Android (native or web-based/cross-platform)
Strong understanding of UI/UX best practices and considerations.
Experience working in Agile teams and iterating to build sustainable and iterative solutions.
Experience with test-driven development.
Experience handling change management
Experience working with a group to deliver results and holding the group accountable to the results
Strong grasp of programming patterns and concepts.
Preferred experience in our stack:
Experience building front end applications using Apollo
Experience with GraphQL.You've worked with, and know how to facilitate communication, in a location distributed team
Relentless problem solver
Opensource? - send us links when you apply .
You're an effective leader with the ability to grow, mentor and challenge a team to do their best work every day.
You're known for crossing the boundaries of your function to meet company goals.
You care about the people you work with but challenge them directly when necessary.
You are comfortable delivering feedback and coaching up, down and to the side.
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