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Creative Front End Developer

Founded in London, UK, Series Eight is a remote, award winning digital agency. We’re looking for a full-time Creative Front-End Developer to join our growing 20+ person team. You’ll be leading project management tasks from briefing to launch on our brand, website and e-commerce projects.

Looking for:

We are looking for a Creative Front-End Developer, someone that is excited to work alongside a team of talented creatives, and doesn’t mind getting their hands dirty building out challenging projects.

  • You know and love the basics: semantic HTML and pure CSS (SCSS) / Tailwind.
  • You dream about Javascript and have experience with a framework or two (VueJS, ReactJS)
  • You have CMS experience — we currently use CraftCMS, Statamic and Shopify, Shopify Headless
  • Your sites load lightning fast ⚡
  • You know Git pretty well
  • You are a positive person and enjoy communicating with both team members and clients
  • You love to learn

Bonus points:

  • You enjoy bringing sites to life using CSS animation/animation libraries
  • You have open-source code on your Github profile.


  • Remote team building events
  • Personal time for personal projects
  • A budget for learning
  • Yearly team trips
  • Pension (UK Team)
  • Flexible Hours
  • Long Christmas Holidays 🎄
  • 28 Days Holiday
  • Apple Hardware

Wanna join? 🤓

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Senior Full Stack Engineer

Have you ever been part of a hyper-growth startup?

We're an e-commerce startup with a successful Shopify application, looking for a full-stack developer with solid knowledge of Vue.js. The position is aimed at experienced software engineers who're interested in joining a vibrant startup in the long term.

Our product is live and growing fast. We're actively developing the core platform, adding new features, and updating our cloud infrastructure. If you join us, expect to make software design decisions, craft new components from scratch, and refactor existing code to perfection.

We're building a fully remote team that follows the example of companies such as Basecamp, Buffer, and Automattic. We are a global team that speaks English, Russian, and Hebrew. To ensure sufficient time overlap with the engineering team, the position is open to EU time zones only.


  • 4 years or more employed as a full-stack developer
  • 2 years or more building web applications in Vue.js
  • 1 year or more employed fully remotely by international companies
  • Experience in developing apps for Shopify, familiar with the platform concepts and API
  • Interested in joining a company as a fully-remote team member in the long term

Bonus points - if you have experience with:

  • Deploying microservices with Kubernetes on Amazon EKS or Google GKE
  • Nest.js or other web frameworks in the Node.js ecosystem
  • Typescript
  • Django web framework and Python

What you get

  • Experience working in a global, fully-remote startup in its most exciting early stages.
  • Contribute to a fast-growing product with millions of users.
  • Gain critical knowledge about the Shopify eco-system and the e-commerce world in general.
  • Practice continuous delivery to a live production environment.
  • Employee stock options plan (starting from 2022)

The stack

Our frontend stack contains Vue.js, ElementUI, Webpack, Cypress, and Jest.
Our backend is built with Django and AWS cloud functions, using MySQL and PostgreSQL.
Our servers run on Heroku, but we're transitioning to Kubernetes on Amazon EKS.
We use GitHub, Sentry.io, SemaphoreCI. Our lightweight agile process and technical knowledge are managed in Notion.

Our main focus is on Vue.js but our roadmap spans a wide range of technologies:

  • Aggressive development of the core product in Vue.js
  • Heavy investment in advanced features and integration with Shopify
  • Transition from Heroku to Kubernetes on EKS, microservices with the gateway pattern
  • Adding new microservices in Nest.js, possibly with Apollo GraphQL
  • Cloud architecture revamp to improve widget loading time and performance
  • Transition to Vue.js 3 and 100% Typescript
  • IaC and GitOps with env0
  • Increase automation coverage to support fully automated continuous delivery
  • Refactor the application core to integrate with additional e-commerce CMS

About PickyStory

PickyStory is an e-commerce startup with a successful Shopify application. We enable merchants to offer product bundles to their customers and increase revenue from every store visit. Our product is live and growing fast. The team is global and fully remote.
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Senior JS TypeScript Developer

You'll form a key part of a team of developers building backend services to support our SaaS eCommerce platforms.

You start your day in a team Stand Up discussing progress you made yesterday, listening to your team members describe their current issues and dropping some knowledge bombs on how you “solved this last time”. You’re working from home today, so you pay the pet tax and encourage your four-legged-friend wave to the camera before logging off.

First up you’ve got a pair-programming session with a Junior Developer in your team to help them through a tough ERP integration that they’ve been working on. They’ve been steadily improving under your experienced wing and are turning into a really productive team member.

After lunch you’ll set your Slack status and turn on Do Not Disturb for a couple of hours while you debug a weird issue with a customer’s site. There’s been a change to the out of stock logic recently to support multiple warehouses. You update your unit test suite to cover this unexpected scenario and tell the Project Manager the good news! You push your feature branch to Bitbucket and watch Bitbucket Pipelines build your artifact and prove that your tests pass.

Your JIRA issue has automatically transitioned to “In Code Review” and you open your pull request, studying your diff carefully before assigning it to your team mate for a sanity check.

Tomorrow (assuming all is well!) you’ll merge your pull request into a release branch and let Pipelines deploy it to Staging where it will be regression tested by the QA Team and their bank of automated tests. It should be out to Production by the end of the week, providing we can get through the testing and get client sign off by 2pm on Thursday.

If you read this and it sounds like your ideal job — we want you on the team!

What you'll be doing

The following should give you an idea of how you’ll be expected to typically be spending your time. It’s not set in stone and it may change from week-to-week, but it gives an idea of what is expected from the role.

Software Development (80%)

The majority of your time will be spent working with your team to deliver software that meets the needs of our customers. This isn’t time that you’ll spend entirely in your editor, there’s stand up, sprint planning, scoping, architecting and designing that you’ll take part in to make sure we’re building exactly what we need in the right way.

Given your experience, a portion of this time is expected to be spent assisting other team members in delivering their work effectively.

Process and Tooling Improvements (10%)

Making sure that we don’t sit still and keep evolving the way we build and deliver software is a critical investment of time, particularly from a team member with your experience. Use this time to try that tool you read about and see if it’s worthy of being a part of our toolchain.

Personal Development (10%)

Keeping up with new software releases, development practices, horror stories and post mortems are an essential part of any Software Developer’s time! Use this time to push forward your objectives and research tools and techniques you need to stay productive.


Essential Technical Skills

  • Server-side JavaScript
  • Experience with FaaS platforms (e.g. Google Cloud, Azure, AWS, etc)
  • Experience with one or more popular Node framework (e.g. Nest, Koa, Express, Hapi)
  • Experience integrating with NoSQL data stores (e.g. Cosmo, Mongo, Firestore, Dynamo)
  • Working with third-party REST and GraphQL APIs
  • Experience unit testing with Javascript
  • Experience of the full software lifecycle
  • Experience with Agile methodologies
  • Advanced experience working with Git
  • Advanced knowledge of the HTTP and H2 protocols
  • Advanced knowledge of web application security

Essential Knowledge & Experience

  • At least 2 years of development experience working in a development team within a commercial environment
  • Experience dealing directly with non-technical stakeholders
  • Highly motivated with demonstrable technical and analytical skills
  • Desire to further technical skills and knowledge
  • Attention to detail, commitment and desire to complete a consistently high standard of work
  • Advanced time management skills with the ability to manage own tasks to agreed timelines with limited supervision
  • Able to clearly communicate complex design and development decisions
  • Advanced knowledge of best practice and architecture for complex web applications
  • Advanced knowledge of and able to avoid common security issues in web applications
  • Able to articulate complex technical solutions with minimal assistance
  • Able to design and build complex technical solutions with minimal assistance
  • Strong communication skills

Desirable Technical Skills

  • Typescript
  • Experience with Azure or Google Cloud
  • Client-side JavaScript
  • React
  • Docker
  • Experience integrating with relational databases (e.g. Postgres, MySQL)
  • Experience with APIs that implement HATEOAS+HAL
  • Atlassian Suite (Jira, Confluence, BitBucket)
  • Experience with PCI compliance
  • Experience working with servers over SSH

Desirable Knowledge & Experience

  • At least 1 years software development experience on an ecommerce platform
  • Experience of people management in a fast-paced development environment
  • Managing tasks and timelines of a development team, within a commercial environment


  • We're fully remote and will support you in working from wherever you like
  • Flexible working hours to suit your lifestyle
  • 22 days holiday + bank holidays + an extra day's holiday for each year worked
  • Your birthday off
  • Vitality private health cover (Currently UK only. After one year)
  • Pension scheme (UK only)
  • Perkbox (Currently UK only. Access to a wide range of discounts and special offers)
  • Long service bonus (5 years and 10 years)
  • £1000 referral bonus - recommend a friend for a job!
  • Eyecare vouchers (Currently UK only)
  • Company wellness initiatives
  • Access to Employee Assistance Programme
  • Training and development plans for everyone
  • Collaborative, supportive culture led by strong values
  • Regular social events and networking opportunities
  • Relaxed and friendly team
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  • 💡 4-6 Years of Experience
  • 🗺 Anywhere in the Americas
  • 🏖️ Flexible Hours and Vacation
  • 💸 $350 Receive a Referral Bonus
  • 🔑 Work Directly with the Founder
  • ⚕️ Health Insurance Reimbursement
  • 📛 Conferences and Learning Opportunities

Get Paid: If you recommend this job to the person that gets hired, we will give you a $350 referral bonus! How will we contact you about giving you your bonus? Tell your referral to list your name and/or email in the “How did you hear about this job?” question. Once they’re hired, we’ll make sure you get paid.


Netalico is hiring a Frontend Developer to work directly with its founder. This is a new position with a fun, fully remote team that offers the opportunity to work with a variety of e-commerce stores and make an impact on their business.

About Us

Netalico is a hands-on, merchant-focused e-commerce development agency. The team mostly works with Magento, Shopify, and Bigcommerce clients to build, maintain, optimize, and grow their online stores through smart, scalable code. They’re people and partners, not just another vendor.

Netalico started about ten years ago when Mark, the founder, was a freelance web developer. Over time, his team grew and they became e-commerce focused. Today, they have retainers with 25 companies, some of which have been clients for the past nine years. The team loves working with long-term clients because of the opportunity to build long-term relationships. They’re invested in writing quality code and love growing with their clients as they help bring them success. Get to know the team a little bit more here!

Our Team

There are eight of us, all based within the Americas. Everyone works independently and there’s no micromanagement. We communicate daily on Slack, which is our virtual watercooler and we have lots of fun staying in touch. We have virtual company lunches where everyone will order their own lunch through ‘Uber Eats’ and we’ll play some games on Jackbox. Even though we’re all apart, we try to stay connected and keep things fun! We use Asana to manage our work.

The Role

The business has been doing well and growing over the last few years. Our Shopify clients have increased and we want to build out the resources and capabilities our company has to better serve those clients. This is a new position to help scale that part of the company. That is why we are in need of a Frontend Developer to work directly with Mark, the founder.

Each day, there’ll be a mixed bag of tasks and various projects. Some projects are small while there’ll be longer, ongoing projects. There are plenty of interesting e-commerce stores to work with and interesting problems to be solved. The project managers will be communicating with the clients for you and handle the organization of the tasks to help keep everything straightforward and focused. One of the most important skills is attention to detail in matching the designs and testing on multiple devices and resolutions.

Required Skills

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • JQuery
  • At least 4-6 years of experience in professional development
  • Experience with converting designs to actual code
  • Strong preference for someone who has worked with Shopify

A background in agencies or e-commerce is a perk.

Experience with Shopify is not essential but it will definitely help. We’re most interested in someone who is an excellent frontend dev and can write great code.

Are you in?

Are you ready to work with Mark and build this part of the company? We want to hear from you!

Netalico asks respectfully to only apply through the application form and do not email/apply directly to Netalico. Any applications sent directly to Netalico will not be considered. Recruiters and Agencies please do not contact Netalico directly.
Apply now and work remotely at Netalico