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Lead Full Stack Developer, Server-side


  • Design, implement, and test the functions for stock trading middle and back-office systems in Clojure, including;

  • User and account management

  • Identity verifications

  • Order and execution management

  • Account maintenance such as allocation, adjustment, and Corporate Actions

  • Fund transfer management

  • Stock records and ledgers, etc.

  • Design, implement, and test administrative UI in ClojureScript

  • Develop UI with front-end developers when needed

  • Participate in job interview, support on-boarding, and mentor engineers.

Technology Stack

  • Infrastructure: AWS, Kubenetes, Docker, Apache Kafka, Datomic

  • Application: Clojure, Duct framework, Lacinia GraphQL, Kafka Streams

  • UI: ClojureScript, Reagent

  • SCM, CI/CD: GitHub, Wercker, Quay

  • Task management and communications: ClubHouse, Slack, Zoom


  • Professional experience, proficiency, or eager to master the following technologies;

  • Clojure/ClojureScript

  • Java and other JVM languages

  • Experience on functional languages, e.g. Scala, Java8 lambda, Functional Javascript, etc.

  • Apache Kafka, esp. Kafka Streams

  • AWS technology stack

  • Development workflow on GitHub and Git in general

  • Docker

  • Shell scripting, Linux/BSD operations

  • Development in non-IDE editors such as Emacs or Vim

  • Willing to work in lean-Kanban style project management.

  • Ability to work in small, dispersed in multiple time-zones, and highly paced team with self discipline and autonomy.

  • Experience in microservices architecture

  • Domain knowledge in stock brokerage business and willingness to analyze regulations and rules and implement.


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