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Senior Full Stack Developer

The RealReal is leading the way in authenticated luxury consignment, online and in real life at our brick and mortar locations. Founded in 2011, we’re growing fast and fundamentally changing the way people buy and sell luxury — a multi-billion dollar industry. With a team of in-house experts who inspect every item we sell, our commitment to authenticity sets us apart and creates a foundation of trust with shoppers and consignors. Our mission to extend the lifecycle of luxury items is leading innovation in sustainable fashion. We’re proud to promote the circular economy and to be the first luxury member of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s prestigious CE100 USA.

Employees at The RealReal are dedicated, collaborative and innovative, and we’re looking for exceptional talent to join our team. Build your career with us and enjoy 401K matching, health, dental and vision insurance, commuter flex spending, healthcare flex spending, generous PTO, a mother’s room, flexible work hours and Friday bagels!

This position is based out of The RealReal HQ in San Francisco and reports to the Director of Engineering, Consignor. As part of the Consignor team, your work will directly impact the supply side of our business. You will improve product intake funnels, user account pages related to their sales, customer payment processes, and integrate with tools used by business units such as Sales, Marketing, and BI.

In a typical week, you will:

  • Produce high quality, performant, testable code.

  • Review pull requests and provide constructive feedback.

  • Pair up with someone to work together on a feature.

  • Learn something new, and mentor junior engineers.

  • Deploy to production multiple times.

  • Help define technical strategy and architecture.


  • 5+ years of professional web application development experience.

  • Fluency with any of Ruby, Elixir, Erlang.

  • Strong understanding of web technologies: HTML5, Javascript, CSS/SASS, REST, JSON.

  • Strong understanding of web-app performance fundamentals and related dev tools.

  • Strong database fundamentals and experience with MySql or Postgresql.

  • Worked with search engines such as ElasticSearch, Lucene, Solr.

  • Experience using async message queues.

  • Mastery of git and Github workflows.

  • Bachelor of Computer Science degree or equivalent.


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About us:{linebreak}{linebreak}Since 2005, over 300,000 websites have used Crazy Egg to understand how their audience experiences their website and their product. We are pioneers in data visualization, in conversion rate optimization, and in helping small and medium businesses get immense value quickly and accurately from incredibly large data sets. That's what we love to do. We are looking for a product and customer minded Full Stack Engineer to help build on that foundation and improve our product, and the tools, technology and platform we use to help our customers. You will be joining Crazy Egg as a Full Stack Engineer and help in scaling our systems and move us towards a service oriented architecture. Here's what that looks like at Crazy Egg, and here are the values you’d be excited to stand behind:{linebreak}{linebreak}### As a team we strive for:{linebreak}{linebreak}- Direct, undeniable, customer impact. We have incredible customers that we're grateful for and we believe the best teammates are the ones who, regardless of function or discipline, are eager and excited to find a way to connect their work directly to customers.{linebreak}- Trusted independence with interdependence. You are fully trusted as a full owner of the work you do; self-determined, responsible, accountable, and celebrated. With that freedom, you acknowledge, a broader social context. We work together, we partner, we collaborate, and we make sure the work we take on and hand off is done thoughtfully and with care.{linebreak}- Assume positive intent. All outcomes may not be what we desired, what we expected, or what we needed. But they happened because people take chances and are willing to make decisions. We assume people try their hardest and try their best, we assume their actions started with the most positive of intentions. Every conversation, assessment, piece of feedback, starts with that assumption, on both sides. This ensures our team is built on a foundation of trust.{linebreak}- Care and inclusion; sincerely. We work at Crazy Egg because we believe in the opportunity, we believe in the vision, we believe in our people, and we believe in our ability to build something wonderful. It is those beliefs that also mean we care about the market, we care about the vision, we care about each other, and we care about building something wonderful. When all of this falls into place, our customers are able to build better businesses and succeed.{linebreak}{linebreak}{linebreak}### As an engineer what we hope you strive for:{linebreak}{linebreak}- The ability to work independently and with other engineers to develop new user experience-focused web applications, or provide support for existing systems.{linebreak}- Have the ability to work on multiple parts of a web application, from internal backend APIs to dynamic frontend interfaces.{linebreak}- Collaborate with designers, front-end specialists, other engineers, stakeholders, and clients to understand business goals, analyze requirements, formulate solutions, and ensure the successful execution and delivery of the end product using the best technologies.{linebreak}- Assist in scoping, estimating, and planning of projects.{linebreak}- Participate in code review, pairing, and other forms of knowledge sharing.{linebreak}- Support of production applications may be required on some projects.{linebreak}- Mentoring and helping others grow and make an impact{linebreak}{linebreak}### Experience and Skills we’re looking for:{linebreak}{linebreak}- Prior experience in developing single page applications - We use Ember.js/React/Redux/GraphQL{linebreak}- Prior experience developing web applications using web frameworks - We use Ruby on Rails/Node/Elixir/Phoenix.{linebreak}- Excellent planning, communication and collaboration skills{linebreak}- Understanding of best practices for web development and software design{linebreak}{linebreak}### Nice to have, but not required experience:{linebreak}{linebreak}- Previous remote working experience (nice to have but not necessarily required){linebreak}- Prior client services, consulting, or freelancing experience{linebreak}- Working in a startup environment{linebreak}- Previous role as a team leader{linebreak}- Working on web applications that process large volumes of data and/or receive high volumes of traffic{linebreak}- Using a variety of AWS tools{linebreak}- Using Docker and Kubernetes in a production environment{linebreak}{linebreak}{linebreak}### Perks and Benefits{linebreak}{linebreak}- We believe in building the best team possible, regardless of geographic location. Our team is fully distributed all over the world and we believe in working where you’re the most productive and happiest.{linebreak}- We have full trust in you and believe in finding a good balance. Work should be a paced marathon, not a sprint, and so. {linebreak}- We have an unlimited vacation policy.{linebreak}- We provide full benefits of Dental/Medical.{linebreak}- We believe in supporting your growth and opportunity. Crazy Egg was founded 14 years ago by accomplished founders.{linebreak}- If you’re looking to learn what it takes to one day break off on your own and start your own startup, we think this is a good opportunity for you.{linebreak}{linebreak}#### Direct applicants only. No recruiters please.{linebreak}{linebreak}If you’re interested in joining us, please share a bit about yourself, your background, and why you’re interested in joining our team to jobs@crazyegg.com

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Overview:{linebreak}{linebreak}At Segment, we believe companies should be able to send their data wherever they want, whenever they want, with no fuss. We make this easy with a single platform that collects, stores, filters, transforms, and sends data to hundreds of business tools with the flip of a switch. More recently, we also developed the ability to let customers enrich their data in real time using computations they specify. Our goal is to make it easy to understand, extract value, and protect the integrity of data. We are creating a world where engineers spend their time working on their core product, letting us take care of the complexities of processing their customer data reliably at scale. We’re in the running to take over the entire customer data ecosystem, and we need the best people to take the market. {linebreak}{linebreak}Who we are:{linebreak}{linebreak}We develop our product across a number of geographically distributed teams including San Francisco (HQ), Vancouver, and remote in the USA, each with a particular product feature focus area. From collecting data through analytics.js, to building powerful tools for data governance, to implementing algorithms that can handle complex billing scenarios at scale, to visualizing our customers’ data flow through our pipelines, to making complex implementations manageable for our large enterprise customers, to optimizing Sign Up conversion, our product teams are focused on creating fantastic user experiences. We're looking for talented engineers that are passionate about building world-class experiences that delight our customers.{linebreak}{linebreak}What We Do:{linebreak}{linebreak}* We enjoy building UIs in React so much that we created and open sourced our own component library: Evergreen{linebreak}* We believe in using the best tool for the job. We write customer-facing features using React, Node.JS and GraphQL. Our write-heavy traffic services are written with Go and leverage multiple data storage solutions.{linebreak}* We deploy our code multiple times per day.{linebreak}* We love conferences (one of our engineers spoke in 4 different countries last year!){linebreak}* We love open source: https://open.segment.com{linebreak}* We’re proud of the code we write, but we’re not dogmatic about methodologies or techniques. We believe building the "right thing" is more important than building things "right". However, we take our customers’ dependence on our systems very seriously and strive to build highly performant and reliable software that are parts of our customers’ core infrastructure.
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