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Staff Fullstack Software Engineer

Required Qualifications

  • 6+ years experience building web applications

  • Experience working with both client-side and server-side technologies

  • Experience leading complex technical projects

  • Proficiency with server API design and data modeling

  • Polyglot developer (e.g. Java, NodeJS, Python)

Preferred Qualifications

  • Proficiency with service architecture

  • Proficiency with Kubernetes and Google Cloud Platform

  • Proficiency with React and browser technologies

  • Proficiency with distributed service architecture

Quizlet Engineering consists of Pods, here’s a preview…

Growth Denver

The Growth pod’s goal is to expand Quizlet from a US-focused company with 50M active users to a global education platform serving the world's 1.4B student population. Working closely with marketing and data science stakeholders, the Growth pod is focused on establishing Quizlet as the leading destination for online learning tools and innovating ways for learners worldwide to better find the study material within Quizlet that will unlock their success.

Activation SF

The mission on the Activation team is to "Make the first experiences people have with Quizlet Magical -- with the right content, tools, and knowledge right away". They are currently trying to accomplish that mission by connecting new learners with content and encouraging them to sign up so we can provide personalization and better studying experiences when they come back.

Re-engagement Denver

The team's goal is to re-engage Quizlet users with compelling reasons to return and continue their learning journey. And the team wants to personalize the learning journey for every Quizlet learner and to make learning more fun. Engineers in this team would also like to harness the power of the community to make studying better.

Ads and Partners SF

The Ads and Partners team has two objectives. The Ads objective is to achieve the highest ads revenue while maintaining or enhancing user experience. This is achieved by moving towards higher-value quality ads product, launching innovative offerings of Ad products in EdTech, and creating a unique inventory for Quizlet. The Partners' objective is to help top tier educational publishers provide their students with integrated digital study tools so we can engineer a holistic experience for the learners.

Agora Denver

Team Agora builds the Premium marketplace which helps people that are studying for high stakes exams. Imagine you're taking the Bar Exam, studying to get your CPA or the Series 7 in finance. If you get it right, it's career-altering. The team brings content from trusted vendors like Kaplan, Pearson and Elsevier to help studiers. The effort just got going, and it's a bit like a startup within a startup.

Pod Infrastructure SF

The mission of the Pod Infrastructure team (also known as team Octo) is to power larger, user-facing functionality that helps scale the company. This means cleaning up old code, migrating to new APIs, and fixing underlying issues that empower the Pods to build features more easily and at scale. When possible, team Octo will pull functionality out of Quizlet and into new services. They help all parts of the organization including Pods, People Ops, Marketing, User Ops, and Engineering.

Subscriptions- Innovation SF

The team's mission is to deliver excellence to our subscribers through premium features that target their needs to succeed. Some of the features we’ve built are: OCR to efficiently create content from a picture of printed materials, offline access, rich text to make key points more memorable, and customized Quizlet Live for our teachers.

Subscriptions - Growth SF

The team takes pride in keeping Quizlet free for anyone to use. Free access is made possible by our growing base of power users (both students and teachers) who pay to subscribe to our premium features. Our focus is to improve our renewals, creating compelling upsell experiences, explore new payment options, offer different plans that meet users’ need as Quizlet grow internationally.

Study SF

The Study team strives to help learners meet their study goals across all of our supported platforms. This includes improving upon core product features, researching better ways to study and master the content in Quizlet and looking for ways to improve our study modes like ML adaptive Learn mode. One of the current projects is modernizing the Study modes to a shared core logic in Kotlin, expanding the data model to support new user experiences, and rearchitecting the way we store our user-generated data to support massive scalability.

Discover SF

Team Discover is one of Quizlet’s product engineering teams focused on user engagement and improving core product features. This includes researching better ways to create, find, and organize content. One of the team’s current projects is providing behavioral-based recommendations to users that help them discover new study content that they’ll be interested in.

Web Infrastructure SF

The Web Infrastructure team is focused on app performance and developer productivity. A key initiative is wiring GraphQL into our APIs and through our React + Redux client. They enable safe deploys with strong type checking (Flow + TypeScript), comprehensive test coverage (Jest) and full integration testing (Cypress).

Content Services SF

Quizlet manages many kinds of content, and more of it every moment, to fulfill our mission of helping people around the world learn. The Content Services team identifies the parts of our system that are bumping up against the most intransigent data-scalability challenges and builds solutions that give us the breathing room to continue scaling those areas by at least tenfold. This typically involves migrating data from MySQL to other database systems, such as Google Cloud Spanner. It also involves innovating in the way we structure our applications: moving toward a service-oriented architecture that allows us to choose the right tools for each job, manage and scale services independently, and make our system more resilient. Nowadays this work features Kotlin, Docker, Kubernetes, and Terraform, and it requires keeping up to date on the technology landscape for global-scale persistent data stores.


Remote Jobs

Senior PHP WordPress plugin developer


WP White Security is a young development company that develops high-quality WordPress security and management plugins. Our plugins are installed on more than 150,000 websites and are used by world renowned businesses such as Disney, Amazon, and Intel!

Join our growing distributed team and develop plugins that help thousands of WordPress websites administrators from all-over the world! We are looking for a senior PHP / JavaScript / WordPress developer that can work during European time zone hours. If you love writing code, a good challenge, and are fond of the WordPress and open-source communities, we want to hear from you.

Even though we have a very large customer base, we are still a small team. So there is a lot of room to grow within the company.

What will your job be?

You will work on the development of our WordPress plugins portfolio. Your tasks will span from designing new features (with the team), writing code and bug fixing, expecting that new and changed code is thoroughly tested and well documented. You will also help the other developers, conduct code reviews of their code, test their code, help our support team solve customer issues, and interact with the rest of the team for knowledge sharing and product work.

Who are we looking for?

  • Excellent verbal and written English
  • Organized, methodological and can work with very little or no supervision
  • 5+ years experience working as a PHP / WordPress plugin developer (mostly back end development)
  • Hands on experience with testing automation and writing testable code (unit testing) etc
  • Strong background in scalable database usage with MySQL
  • Good understanding of Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP (LAMP) environments
  • Hard working and passionate – we are a young start-up
  • [BONUS] Good skills in react.js and jQuery
  • [BONUS] good understanding of both WordPress and application security

Benefits of working for us

  • Work from anywhere (during European time zone hours)
  • Job security and competitive salary
  • Work in a flat, small, and friendly organization
  • Paid educational materials (including but not limited to online courses and books)
  • Opportunities for paid travel to attend WordCamps
  • Long term engagement – we are looking for a committed candidate who within a few years can become a team lead and a source of knowledge

The salary for this position depends on your experience and technical skills. This is something we will discuss during the application process.
Apply now and work remotely at WP White Security


Product Engineer

Nomad List is the most popular website for the fast growing movement of location independent remote workers. We have people from all the big tech companies, from hundreds of startups, and thousands of freelancers who use Nomad List every day to find places to live, work and travel to, and to meet like-minded people there.

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Until now I (Pieter Levels) have always done everything myself. To take off the load as a founder so I can take a break in 2021 after a years of non-stop working, and do things a bit more properly, I've started to hire people to replace me.

I'm looking to hire a Product Engineer. With that I mean a generalist software engineer focused on product outcomes rather than any specific part of the stack or language. You need to be more frontend focused than a typical programmer, and re-use any API or backend that exists to get the job done.

This is a full-time position.


  • keep existing features working (we monitor most pages and API endpoints every minute)
  • fix bugs that might come up (we have live PHP/JS bug tracking)
  • build new features, that means coding the client side part of it (usually plain JS or w/ jQuery, but without fancy frameworks), and the back end side of it (usually plain PHP with SQLite)
  • ship fast and iterate based on customer feedback (right now we deploy CI/CD-style about 50 times per day)


  • you work on sites that get over 1.4 billion requests per year used by over 1 million people per month
  • you work directly with me (Pieter Levels) and learn how to ship fast with a laser focus on building what customers want while learning how to market those new features directly to an audience

You should be

  • autonomous and be able to figure things out for yourself, but I might go AWOL for awhile, so you need to make the best choices yourself how to fix something, or how to build a new feature
  • not wanting to do things the proper overengineering way with Kubernetes clusters and Docker and multi layered sharded databases to scale like in BigCo tech enterprise; doing things proper is good but making customer's happy is the #1 priority, quickly made scrappy code can always be refactored later if a feature starts making money, instead of proper code that took a long time to write for a feature that nobody ends up using

You'll work in a team with

  • a Site Reliability Engineer, who keeps the sites up

  • a Community Manager, who keeps the Nomad List community safe

  • a Customer Service Specialist, who keeps our customers happy

    Apply now and work remotely at Nomad List + Remote OK


WordPress Developer

VertiStudio wordpress php javascript php

VertiStudio is a distributed team of more than 20 people all over the world ( Romania, Poland, Greece, Portugal & more), together we run a profitable and bootstrapped business for more than 9 years.

We’re not serial entrepreneurs and we don’t think we are the biggest, brightest developers tackling the biggest technical challenges on the planet.

But we think companies have unique DNA; VertiStudio is our means to express ourselves in our professional lives.

What makes us different?

It’s not a product, a methodology, or a one-page manifesto.

It’s through hundreds of little things that we’re different.

What will you be working on?

It depends on your interests & experience.

We have 3 major projects: Neve, Optimole & our own sites, our products are being used by around 1 million people & our content sites reach half a million people every month. You will be the technical lead for one of these major projects.

How will you get there?

We’d start with a short 2-week trial when you’ll identify some things that can be improved and start improving them immediately.

See, we’re looking for someone who can teach us something & take our team on the next technical level.

What kind of people thrive here?

When I’m thinking about technical people, the ones that thrive are those that don’t like doing the same thing twice.

They’re independent. They like to get to the bottom of the problem. They use the latest technologies, but they’re realistic enough to figure out how it fits the project.

Take this example: https://github.com/Codeinwp/neve/issues/1989

Or the time an intern used a small internal hackathon as an opportunity to learn a new programming language by asking “can the blocks be made in exotic programming languages like PureScript, F# with Fable or Elm?”

For this particular role, you’ll need to understand WordPress really really well, have experience in leading a small team or at least running a major project on your own & have strong PHP & Javascript knowledge.

How to apply?

Use the form below and clearly state in a written or video form :

  • Your experience with WordPress development.

  • What is your favorite code performance tweak & show us some code you’ve written that you’re proud of if possible

  • Tell us a bit about yourself and why you should be considered.

  • Profile links with code samples (GitHub, GitLab, WordPress.org, etc).

  • Other profile links if available (Your website, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc).

  • A technical improvement that you’ll do on https://github.com/Codeinwp/neve

  • For the input field asking if you agree, the answer is themeisle. Unfortunately 90% of the people doesn't seem to read this.

Please take your time to go through those and answer carefully, we don’t have a long interview process, nor any technical tests per se, we’ll need those answers and references to go through them and figure out your technical skills.

Note: I won’t be able to individually respond to all applications, if you’re a match we’ll reach out.

What does the process look like?

If you seem to be the right person, I will reach out to you for a quick 30’ meeting. I would like to learn more about what you are looking for and answer your questions, alternatively, we can do this via text as well.

If we agree to move forward, then the next step would be a chat with Marius, our CTO, about the technical work you’ve done and what you would like to do.

If this goes well, we’d move into the 2-week paid trial to see how things would work.

If this goes well, you’re hired.
Apply now and work remotely at VertiStudio


Jobs farther away

Front End Web Developer

Neighborhood Loans in Downers Grove, IL 1821 mi wordpress php html javascript photoshop

Neighborhood Loans is looking for a talented Front End Web Developer to join our growing team in Downers Grove, IL. The Front End Developer is responsible for creating responsive web sites in collaboration with creative and marketing team members.


Creation of custom page templates/pages based on PSD designs

SEO standard knowledge of correct HTML usage

Help with creation of new websites on multi-site WordPress install.


Ability to showcase your previous work through a portfolio of recent projects.




Custom WordPress theme creation

PHP knowledge

jQuery + javascript knowledge