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Web UI Engineer

This is an opportunity to work on a complex application that stretches the capabilities of modern web browsers. Our web-based 3D map shows maps generated by our computer vision pipelines alongside terrain maps, LiDAR, OpenStreetMap, and videos. This role is one of the primary contributors to that map interface, as well as to the UIs involved in administering and building the map.

This role requires deep experience with web-based application development. Hivemapper is a lot more than just a website. You should be comfortable working on a web application that remains open for hours and handles hundreds of megabytes of data in a single page lifecycle. Responsibilities include building and testing features from design to deployment. There is opportunity to go full stack if desired, as well as an opportunity to work on core 3D rendering code as you build 3D experience. This role exists in both mid-range and senior forms depending on the experience of the applicant.

Required Skills:
- 1+ years of web application development
- Comfort with CSS
- Comfort with React
- Understanding of complex web-based applications and their associated state management problems
- Understanding of web build systems & asset pipelines, for example Gulp, Browserify, webpack, Rollup, Ruby on Rails.

Bonus Skills:
- 2D or 3D map experience
- Backend or full stack web development experience
- Native application development experience
- 3D game development experience
- Computational geometry
- 3D mathematics/basic linear algebra
- Experience implementing a GIS or virtual globe
- Experience with TypeScript


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